Did you already set up your email list, but don’t know how to boost it to get more subscribers? In this post, I will give you 15 proven ways you can boost your email list and engagement.

Every year 22.5% of your email list degrades naturally and that’s why it is important to grow your email list and make up for those lost subscribers.

These ideas are proven to work and are super simple to implement, so you don’t have to worry you run out of an idea.

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Did you run out of ideas when it comes to grow your email list? Here are 15 proven ways to boost it! | www,themompreneurship.com #emailmarketing #emaillist #bloggingtips #blogging

The proven ideas you should use

1. Make some of your content gated. Content gating your post means you provide the content after the visitor enters their email address. Use OptinMonster Content Lock feature to gate your content.

OptinMonsters Content Lock Feature

2. One-up the competition with your lead magnet by making a bigger and better. For example, if your competition is offering a 10-point checklist, make yours a 20-point checklist.

3. Host a webinar. If you just start out you can use Hangouts on Air for free, and this is a great idea cause they really convert well because live events have a high perceived value.

4. Host a giveaway. You can require participants to enter their email address and give them additional entries when they share the giveaway on social media. Or you can use Gleam to do the work!

5. Create a quiz and you could ask for the email address from participants after they finished the quiz and want to know more about their results. Interact is a great tool for that!

Interact for quizzes

6. Offer a coupon. If you run a shop on your blog or your business model is selling online then this is a good way to ask your potential customer’s email address.

7. Create freebies. Make a page full of resources and tools for your readers so they can become members and collect their email address.

8. Pin your opt-in landing page to Pinterest. Pinterest is a great resource when it comes to blogging cause you not only can show your blog posts but you can request people to subscribe. Make a beautiful pin template so people could notice it.

9. By answering questions on Quora you could include a link of your landing page for further reference. But be on a topic related to your lead magnet.

10. Answer questions in Facebook groups. This is a bit different than with Quora cause you can’t just post a link of your landing page without asking for permission. Or instead, you could ask the members if they want to link via private message.

11. Host a Twitter chat. By doing this make sure you incorporating Twitter Lead Generation Cards where you can get leads from the chats.

12. Youtube call-to-action cards. If you have a channel on Youtube you could create cards where you can insert your landing page.

13. Add share buttons to your email signature, your thank you page, and also to your lead magnet so that your existing subscribers can spread the word.

14. Guest posting is another great way to bring new subscribers to your way. Submit a guest post where you can and include a call to action in your author byline with a link to your landing page.

15. About page is the most powerful page on your blog where you can also include a call to action opt-in.

Now, these were my list about growing your email list. I hope this will help you out.

Question time: Which idea is your favorite?