Don’t know where to find the best plugins for your WooCommerce store? I know it could sometimes become overwhelming finding the right one because there is so much out there. And if you don’t pick the right one it could harm your sales and stops functioning.

That’s why I rounded up the best 7 plugins cause your time is valuable and I want you to focus on what’s really important.

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The number 1 issue which online store owners face is cart abandonment. But where an issue is there is always a solution. So first let’s see what cart abandonment is about.

What is cart abandonment?

This one is the issue when you could lose your customer and don’t receive any sales from them. Let’s see the following which could happen with your store too if you don’t have a solution.

You are at the mall waiting for your friend to arrive. While you’re waiting, you go searching in the shops and notice some things you prefer, so you choose them up and continue browsing. Your phone rings, your friend has arrived and is waiting for you at the close coffee bar. You hang up the phone place down the items (or ask the storekeeper to keep them for you for a few time) and go meet your friend. Regardless of the exact reason, you have decided to leave those items for now and maybe return to them later.

So that’s why you need some plugins to avoid those things in your online shop. Now let’s see which mistakes you have to avoid and the solutions.

1. Unexpected shipping cost

Hidden costs are really bad for your store if a customer wants to purchase something they want to know the exact price. It’s a primary reason, people don’t want to buy anything from you is the shipping cost is higher than the product. Other hidden costs are taxes.


Fully disclose costs. Transparency is highly valued by online shoppers and crucial for the success of your store. Another successful strategy is to bundle the extra cost of shipping into the product and offer “free” shipping to the customer.

2. New user account

Costumers don’t want to waste time, just getting instant results and getting things ready quickly. That’s why making an online shop where they only could buy items after creating an account isn’t a good choice.


Offer the first-time shopper a guest checkout.

3. Concerns about payment security

People are still scared when it comes to buying online from who they didn’t know before. That’s why this could also lead to cart abandonment.

It has a dramatic effect when you are concerned about security. Major causes for suspicion include design flaws, outdated layouts, missing images, and no SSL certificate.


Increase trust in your online store. Use testimonials, security badges, endorsement or even social proof to assure your customers that your store is trustworthy. Full contact information is also building trust.

This way your customers will know that they deal with a real person who cares about their experience and will care about their personal information.

4. Not able to save cart

People often making some researches before they buy something they want and that’s why sometimes they leave the whole cart behind.


Have plugin inside your store which enables to save items people set in the cart.

5. The store has a lot of errors/crashes

Now, this could be really annoying when it comes to errors, crashes and also long lasting load time. This is major deterrents to complete a purchase.


Always focus on the experience of your customers.

You should perform these checks across a variety of screen sizes, especially as mobile continues to grow in importance.

You can check site speed through a number of free services. While this post is all about Woocommerce and WordPress you can always use a platform to set up your store outside WordPress like Shopify.

This was the major issues you can come through when it comes to cart abandonment, but of course, there could be even more.

And now let’s see which plugins you can use for boosting your sales.

1. OptinMonster

optinmonster plugin

What does it for you:

OptinMonster could convert your visitors into subscribers and customers.

Features you can benefit:

  • Geolocation targeting
  • Exit-Intent (you could use it when your visitor want to leave and you could show a targeted message)
  • Coupon Wheel Optin to increase sales

Why you need it:

OptinMonster is a powerful tool which will drive you more sales and works with every major email marketing service.

The powerful targeting and segmentation options allow you to show personalized, behavior-based messages to customers in order to induce additional engagement, conversions, and sales.

Also, with the integral A/B testing you’ll be able to split-test campaigns to make sure that you’re using the most effective campaign to succeed in your goal, whether that be growing your email list, recovering abandoning shoppers, or boosting sales.

2. ReferralCandy

referralcandy for referrals

What does it for you:

You can create a referral program to reward your customers. You can give cash, store credit, discount code, or even free product when they referring to their friends.

Features you can benefit:

  • You can track referrals engagement, customers shares, and sales
  • Cross-channel promotion to make it easy to join
  • Hand out rewards like coupons, cash or gifts

referralcandy for woocommerce

Why you need it:

ReferralCandy makes it simple to line up and manage and referral program to keep existing customers returning and find new ones.

Referrals are a large influence when it involves new customers making purchases. once potential shoppers are referred by folks they have already got a relationship with, they’re more prefer to purchase. With this in mind, referral programs are an excellent way to reward loyal customers so that they understand that their business and referrals mean a lot to you.

Additionally, you’ll be ready to bring back existing customers to require advantage of their referral benefits.

3. Beeketing

beeketing sales booster

What does it for you:

You can optimize conversion rates, increases average order value, prevent cart abandonment and boost your sales. Track easily your customer’s behavior and analyze customers interest.

Features you can benefit:

  •  Create a product bundle
  • Up-sell and cross-sell
  • Engage with customers by follow up emails

beeketing sales booster

Why you need it:

Beeketing has a lot of features which means a lot of apps with a great opportunity to boost your sales. You can also chat with your customers via Facebook Messanger.

4. MonsterInsights

monsterinsights sales

What does it for you:

It will keep tracking all your eCommerce data like conversions, transactions, revenue and much more.

Quick note: This tool is also great for tracking your blog analytics. Is a powerful Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

Features you can benefit:

  • Track your related products
  • Track your customers
  • And everything in real time

Why do you need it:

Data does not solely tell you where you’ve been, however, it additionally helps you intend out where you would like to go and the way to get there. With the MonsterInsights plugin, you’ll have all of the knowledge you would like to make sure that your eCommerce website is performing as it should.

5. SiteKit

Sitekit for headers

What does it for you:

You can boost conversion rates with this plugin just only by creating a little header bar. The best thing is it stays highly visible as your customers scroll down. So whatever you put on the bar, an email collecting form or an exciting offer always gets much attention from the shoppers.

Features you can benefit:

  • Quickly build an email list with 1-step sign-up form
  • Drive traffic directly to promotion pages with a standout click button
  • Customizable themes to best fit your site
  • Options to show bars only on specific pages

Why do you need it:

This plugin is ideal when you want to quickly build an email list, or when you want to drive traffic to a specific promotion page.

6. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

What does it for you:

You can use this plugin to let costumers create wishlists for them selfs wich they also can share.

Features you can benefit:

  • Shareable whislist via email and social media
  • Can create unlimited wishlists
  • Add to cart button on wishlist page

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist 2

Why you need it:

With YITH WooCommerce Wishlist your shoppers can create and share wishlists quickly so their loved ones are never left guessing. And, if they’re wanting to treat themselves they aren’t left trying to remember what it was they wanted.

7. WooCommerce Direct Checkout

WooCommerce Direct Checkout

What does it for you:

Direct Checkout plugin helps you do the job by enabling an alternative to the ‘Add to Cart’ button to land shoppers into the checkout page immediately. This makes the process simpler and more immediate for sales transactions.

Features you can benefit:

  • Enable or disable the direct checkout process anytime
  • Add a “Continue Shopping” button to allow shoppers to continuously browse for more products

Why do you need it:

The checkout process can be a tedious job for your shoppers pushing them to abandon their cart. But you can simplify the checkout process by skipping the cart page and directing customers straight to the checkout.

There you have it! Running an eCommerce site is hard work, but now you have 7 of the best WooCommerce plugins to make it easier on you. Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know in the comments.