The main reason I have upgraded my account to Canva Pro is to be able to do a lot more than with the free version. Sure there are more professional-grade software programs available, but I think that Canva is more user-friendly and doesn’t require technical skills.

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I’ll admit at first I couldn’t see the benefit of upgrading. I upgraded for a few months, but the only difference that I could see was that I could now save my work with a transparent background.

After some time of reverting back to the free version, I decided to do a little more research to see what all the hype about the paid version was.  Surely there has to be more than a transparent background feature.

Well let me tell ya, there is more to it.  Having Canva Pro will give you access to several useful features that will assist you with your designing, and streamline your experience with Canva.

7 reasons to switch from the free version of Canva to Canva Pro.

Upload Your Own Fonts- Let’s start with my favorite feature.  With Canva Pro you can upload your own fonts. This is a game-changer.  You can keep your work on a brand by using your own fonts. Every Monday Creative Market offers a free font for download.  Most of them are pretty cool. But you can also find beautiful fonts on TheHungryJPEG or FontBundles.

Transparent Background– If you need to save an image without that ugly white box around it, this is where this feature comes in.  When you save your image as transparent background, your background will be removed from your design. This is important with logos. Currently, removing the background from an existing image is not supported in Canva.

Create Photo Folders- The free version of Canva allows you to have two folders to organize your designs, but with Canva Pro, you can have an unlimited number of folders for your designs.  You’ll also be able to create folders for your uploaded images. I have uploaded so many photos and graphics to Canva that it didn’t take long for my collection to get out of hand. By organizing my uploaded images into folders, it makes it much easier for me to find certain images that I want to reuse.  Nothing worse than scrolling through hundreds of photos looking for that marble textured pattern that you uploaded 2 months ago.

Learn how to design professional, graphics that convert!Animated Graphics- this feature was available for a while before I even noticed it.  Now you can take any of your designs and turn them into a gif or animated graphic. This is perfect for Instagram stories or even a Pinterest pin, now that you can upload a video to Pinterest.

Magic Resize- This feature will save you so much time!  Picture it: you’ve created a killer Pinterest pin. It’s so cute that you want to share it with all of your social media outlets, not just Pinterest.  But who has the time to make a separate image for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Not me. Well with the magic resize feature, Canva will take any of your templates and automatically change them to any size you want.  It will reposition everything to fit into the new size. You may have to do a few tweaks by adjusting your elements a little, but it’s no biggie.

Brand Kits- Creating a brand kit will allow you to set up and group all of your brand elements in one place.  Group your brand colors, fonts, and logo. Having all of these in one easily accessible area makes it easy to stay on brand when designing.

Extra Free Photos- Canva Pro will give you access to a ton more of their free images, illustrations, and templates.  You’ll be able to use exclusive free images that are only available with the paid version of Canva. You can also filter your search to only show only the free items.

Are you more into stock photos or you don’t find the right images for your graphics? Here are my most favorite stock photo sites where you could get beautiful, feminine and styled photos for your blog and social media images to stand out.

Pixi Stock

You not only get stunning stock photos every month to build your brand but also Social Media graphics, Canva Templates and many more. You can start a membership from $37/month or $87/every 3 months and $197/year. But only in these last two subscriptions are the Canva templates available. And also if you choose Quarterly or Yearly membership you get free access to The 2020 Social Media Content Calendar System where you get 365+ days of social media content PLANNED OUT for you. Want to try out before you become a member? Here are the free stock photos.

Grow your brand with styled stock photos & graphics, from Pixistock.

Ivory Mix

Kayla also knows her job when it comes to providing beautiful, feminine and all kinds of different categories of stock photos for her audience. She only created 2 types of memberships but what you will get when you choose to subscribe you will never want to unsubscribe again. There is the Elite Membership which is $52/every 3 months and there is my all-time favorite the VIP Membership which is $137/year but this is only by invitation and if you miss it you will have to wait. But why is the VIP Membership so special you might think. Well, you not only have access to an unlimited stock photo downloads but also captions, workshops, resources, courses, and other bonuses. Sounds great, right? Why not try before you become a member? Get some free stock photos, to begin with!

Styled Stock Society

And last but not least I want you to look at the great stock photos from Elle. She is also a professional photographer and provides the best stock photos which you can use for your projects. She has created 3 types of membership and the benefits are with all 3 such as instant access to 2,500 photos, new images every week and much more. Starting from $75/every 3 months you get all the goods, but you can choose between $250/year or if you want her photos for a lifetime your investment will be $495 which is a good deal if you invest in your business and don’t want to pay every 3 months. Of course, she also has free photos for you to try out.

So, is upgrading to Canva Pro worth it?  Heck yeah! If you want to try it out, Canva will give you a 30-day free trial, then it’s $9.95/month if you pay 12 months in advance.  If you pay monthly, it’s $12.95/month. So what is your favorite feature in Canva? Let me know in the comments.