Market your blog is really important besides only making content and make your blog professional looking. You have to master the art of marketing and know where to promote your posts.

I’m here to help you out so I made a list of 70+ ways to promote your newest blog post with you can have some inspiration, you can test out promotion strategies, find out how to increase your visits and boost your traffic.

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In this post, I just mention my most favorite ways to promote and increase your blog traffic, but you could have a lot more ideas on how and where to promote your latest post, so enter your name and email below to get access.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any purchase makes me a small commission for no extra cost to you but you will support me and my blog.

Ways to promote your posts

1. Pinterest

The best thing what could happen, bloggers, is to promote blog posts on Pinterest. You not going to see results overnight but after a couple of months experimenting you will get the right result you need.

My blog is up since 22nd of January 2019 and before that, I only had one pin on Pinterest from my blog to promote it and you could see how it went well to driving traffic to my blog. And before the release day, I had coming soon page and still could drive traffic.

Of course, you could have days when people will come to your blog less but you will always have traffic. And since I experimented I not only have traffic but my followers are coming each day and by focusing more on pinning I have more than 100k monthly views.

I have got help from the Pinterest ebook created by Ana from The She Approach which could help you too. You could learn everything from the basics to become an expert.

You really want to know how to crack the code, cause Pinterest is a search engine actually. That means that 250 million people are searching for inspirations and ideas each and every day so if your pins are not seen you could miss out on visitors.

You can also use Pinterest Communities where you can share your new pins which are pointing to your blog post. If you don’t know yet what and how to use Pinterest Community this post will help you with it!

Did you know that I offer Pinterest related service? I could help you set up, makeover or manage it for you!

2. Use Tailwind Tribes

After you know how to use Pinterest and gain traffic from it, your 2nd most have tool must be Tailwind. This is the tool where your pins could go viral so your blog will have traffic as result.

The ability to spread your pins from boards to boards is to use Tailwind Tribes which is free even you are not a member of Tailwind.

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I don’t use tribes that very long, but since I do I had 126 repins and 2.2 million impressions on Pinterest.

After pinning your pin on one of your boards and Group Boards as well never forget to add it to tribes you joined. And I recommend giving Tailwind a try they are free until you use all 100 pins you have scheduled. But you will win with upgrade cause you can schedule even more pins. That means 400 pins/month and other features won’t give you limits either.

3. Promote in Facebook Groups

I like to participate in Facebook Share Threads hosted in Groups cause it’s another great way to show your work. I have my own Facebook Group where you can join and each day is a promo day.

If you decide to drive traffic from there you need this list which I created for you to join my favorite Facebook Groups. Enter your details and you will get access to 50 FB groups.

Using Facebook Groups where you could promote your blog is a smart way to grow and boost traffic. Participating in such threads you only have to do is provide the link you want to promote and in exchange, you have to for example comment on other blogs.

There will be a chance that some people will share their link and moves on so they don’t want to take action. You don’t have to worry you will still get your shares.

You can learn more about How you could have traffic from Facebook.

4. Let’s tweet

Another great platform you can use is Twitter while you have to tweet more to make your tweet seen you don’t have to worry cause you can use a scheduler tool. This will make the hard work for you.

Smarter Queue is a useful tool for that where you can create evergreen tweets a recycle for all year long. It means that you could get constant traffic even to the old posts.

You definitely have to try out Twitter especially when your audience hangs out there.

5. Send blog post to your email list

This is a great way to let your readers know about new blog posts. Just share a little snippet about the post with the reason why you wrote and maybe how they will benefit from it. But don’t be a spammer, you don’t have to send each and every post you wrote every day. Every month pick a couple post you want to share and let your loyal readers know about.

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Or you can set up an RSS campaign which will go out once a month with the new blog posts, so your readers will have a few options of articles to read.

Are you still looking for an email service provider? I recommend Mailerlite which you can use for free.

Question time: What are your best blog promotion options?

70+ more ways to promote your blog

Getting more people to read your posts is a combination of knowing where to promote it and how to reach the right people. While this might be different for everyone, I encourage you to grab the list below and experiment with what works best for you.

It’s fine to test a new strategy each month so you will new what is best for you, and please keep an eye on your stats. Google Analytics is what you will need.

Some recourses how to boost your traffic

These two ebooks are my favorite when it comes to learning about bringing traffic to my blog and that’s why I recommended to you too.

While you want to build a strong foundation for your blog you have to learn and invest at the same time that’s why these ebooks will lead you to the right path and you will never have to worry about if you did start the wrong way at the first place.

1. Boost your blog traffic from Ana at TheSheApproach

If you not convinced at the first place and don’t want to jump and pay for the ebook you could get a free sample chapter! But if you will want to learn you will get bonuses as well like helpful cheat sheets.

2. Blogging Bundle from Angela at StrayCurls

You will not only get to learn about blog traffic in basis but also how to get traffic in the holiday season and to mention the great blog planner which has 45 pages. But there are also bonuses included such as workbook where you can identify your ideal reader, email template swipe file and Facebook Groups list for bloggers.