A little story about the blog

The Mompreneurship blog was made for women who want to stay at home and work for them selfs.

You will found step-by-step guides, helpful resources related to blogging, social media, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and everything to start your business the right way!

Also want you to step in the manifesting progress as a business owner, I want to help you manifest your success in your business, clients, and sales.

If you let me I will be your coach who will teach you to be a girl boss.

To be clear I’m not an ultimate expert I rely on my experience, I’m still learning too and experimenting to grow my blog and business while I help you to start your own.

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The Mompreneur behind the blog

Hi there! My name is Timea mommy with 4 kids who are living in Budapest, Hungary. I’m a blogger since 2013 (but this blog is young this is my 3rd one).

I have some other freelance experience, but blogging is my number one when it comes to starting a business.

Here are some facts about me:

  1. Dog lover
  2. Bookworm (I always finish one book on that same day when I get it in my hands)
  3. Once I lived in Amsterdam when I was only 9 years old until my 16th birthday
  4. Pinterest maniac
  5. Love to help women to reach there dreams and goals
  6. I have 3 girls and 1 little boy
  7. I loved when I was pregnant
  8. Being a mompreneur was my dream to be with my family


And they are my beautiful babies for whom I wake up every morning to work so I can support them, that’s why if you made a purchase via my blog or a link I provide you are not only supporting me and my blog but them too. Which we really appreciate!

Since the start of this blog I can happily announce that I was able to create 2 more blogs to be more helpful for others.


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