Coronavirus is still forcing small businesses to shut down, but this is not the case with online marketers because they really thrive in e-commerce sales due to the fact that online shopping is and will stay huge.

So this means that having a solid payment gateway is more crucial than ever for your membership site.

You as a membership owner you have to provide a payment gateway that is safe to use and your member can trust to keep their payment methods secure and protected. Because they will go far away to determine whether your site’s payment is safe enough or not.

That’s why if you already use or thinking about using MemberPress as your membership site builder you don’t have to worry about if your payment gateway is safe enough for your customers. Because their existing Stripe Checkout plugin now supports Apple Pay and Google Pay. This will make it more simple to get your payments.

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Receiving your payments safe and secure is not an issue anymore if you have a membership site. You only have the right membership site plugin and a payment gateaway! #membershipsite #membership #memberpress

Introducing Stripe Checkout including Apple Pay and Google Pay

As you may already know Stripe is a fully integrated online payment processor and provides multiple payment products to collect one-time and recurring payments safely, securely, and easily. Stripe also helps with invoicing, financing, managing expenses, fraud protection, and much more.

stripe payment processor

And until this day there was only two payment option available if you have used MemberPress already. But could be time-consuming for your customers to always put their payment information in.

And now with having the other two popular digital wallets Apple Pay and Google Pay, the shopping experience is quicker than ever.

Benefits to using one of the digital wallets

Apple Pay (Only for Apple devices) Google Pay (Use with any device)
You can earn 2% cashback with every daily transaction You can earn cashback reward with everyday business purchase
Send and receive payments from family and friends Send and receive payments
Secure your wallet with a facial scan and fingerprint reader You can track your expenses as well as save your loyalty cards
Credit card numbers are never stored on a device or Apple Pay Servers Google Pay uses a virtual account number rather than personal credit card information

Either way, it is a simple and secure payment processor for your customers.

How to increase your sales on your membership site with these two payment processors

If you use them both it will improve the experience more for your customers which will lead them to quicker and convenient checkout process.

There are 3 more benefits to use Apple Pay and Google Pay with MemberPress.

  • Mobile-Friendly – This is so important because nowadays people are using their phones everywhere, they can buy simpler this way.The mobile accommodative features of Apple Pay and Google Pay improve the cellular shopping experience by displaying a clear, easy-to-navigate payment page.

    Your members can simply opt for the Apple Pay or Google Pay option, and with a single click, easily purchase a product with confidence and without having to leave their seat!

mobile-friendly stripe

  • Faster Checkouts – When your members arriving at your MemberPress checkout page, they can choose to pay using either their Apple Pay or Google Pay account via Stripe Checkout. With a single click, they’ll be redirected to Stripe Checkout where all their information has been pre-filled automatically.

  • Brandable Checkout – You can upload your business’s logo as well as choose your brand color that matches your brand’s identity. You can also display your business policies to link your contact information, payment terms, return protocols, and more.

How to add Stripe to your MemberPress Site

Stripe Checkout is a free payment gateway for every plan of MemberPress. If you do not use MemberPress first make sure you get the plugin here. And also if you don’t have a Stripe account then create that also.

Now the process of adding:

  1. Navigate to MemberPress > Settings > Payments page and add a new gateway. OR, if you’re updating your existing Stripe Checkout, skip step 8 below.
  2. Click on the blue Connect with Stripe button.
  3. Authenticate your MemberPress account by entering your username and password.
  4. Next, you’ll be redirected to authenticate your Stripe account. If you’re not logged into Stripe, click Sign in at the top right corner.
  5. Select your Stripe Account and click the Connect my Stripe account button.
  6. Note: If your Stripe account has not been fully set up and enabled for “Live mode”, you will not be able to connect until you have verified your account.
  7. After connecting, you’ll be redirected back to your MemberPress dashboard.
  8. Locate your new Stripe gateway in the MemberPress Settings and check the Enable Stripe Checkout checkbox.
  9. Save the MemberPress Settings.

That’s it! But if you also want to learn more about how to add Apple Pay or Google Pay to Stripe look up the information on their support page.

I hope this post was helpful for you! Now is time to check out MemberPress and create the best membership site you can create now because you will never find a better WordPress plugin for your site elsewhere.