Now one day you decide to start your blog cause you don’t want to work for someone else, you want to be your own boss at home.

You think you will make a lot of money and you quit your job.

So you plunk down on a chair, all determined, buy a domain, hosting, set up a blog, and start punching away on your keyboard, one blog post at a time, right?

But after a few weeks or maybe a couple of months, you going to realize something is missing.

  • The money isn’t flowing to you as fast as you expected
  • You do not have enough readers, and those who are coming to see your blog aren’t interesting in what you write about

And now you feel sad and you know you screwed.

Well, let’s fix that, shall we? Let me now introduce you to some of the most common mistakes you may be making on your new (or old) blog, and show you how to either fix them or avoid making them altogether.

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1. You don’t even know yet what to blog about

You have to clarify the niche or topic you want to write about first before you launch your blog. Of course, most of them say that you have to have a niche because this is the way you will get to know your target audience. But I do know some bloggers they do blog about everything.

It doesn’t mean they are niche-less they just blog about several topics, so what you need to know is have a niche/topic you are passioned about and will help your audience.

2. You are not collecting subscribers to your email list

This is the number one priority before you even start a blog, setting up an email list is important in the blogging and business world (you can even start collecting emails before you launch your blog). You don’t have to wait till you figure out what to send to your subscribers.

Make your opt-in freebie right away, create your form and embedded on to your blog. Cause over time you will understand that on your email list are the most loyal readers, clients or buyers are. Don’t wait to much cause that will lose your potential buyers.

Setting up your email list is easy and affordable. You just have to choose email marketing platforms, there are several out there. I personally use Mailerlite for my blog, but or course you can choose any platform you comfortable with.

3. You concentrate more on branding

I don’t say you don’t have to make your blog pretty and professional by branding it, but most of the time it is not necessary. Especially if you just starting out.

If you focus more on branding and less on providing valuable content than it turns out that you will have also fewer readers. Just don’t waste your time and money!

It is important that you have a clean and user-friendly layout, but spending a fortune before you even start blogging isn’t necessary. Do that when you’ve blogged for a while and you have earned some money. Nothing’s wrong with taking your time and slowly perfecting your “brand” as you go.

If you want a beautiful theme for your blog and customized quick and easy I recommend the themes from Bluchic their not only worth your money but also feminine and professional which doesn’t require much time to make it your own. But you can use other themes too!

And another great tool which will save you time is Elementor a drag-and-drop site builder.

4. Not having a user-friendly blog

To make your blog user-friendly is what you need to focus on the most then on beautify your blog. The experience of your readers is important and by doing it user-friendly you have to look out for this:

  1. Make sure your blog doesn’t take much time to load
  2. Use font and font color combination that doesn’t hurt eyes. Make the font big enough to read it and your readers don’t have to squint their eyes. And don’t overcomplicate the font color a basic black it’s fine. Of course, it’s fine to have another color for your headings but for the white background is always better to use a black font.
  3. Have a primary navigation menu and list all essential pages that a reader may be looking for. Make sure to have an “About” and a “Contact” page.

5. You’re not blogging regularly

You don’t have decided to start your blog to leave it behind for months, right? So be consistent is the key. It doesn’t matter if you write 1-2 post per week or even more, the only thing you have to know is that you have to keep your readers coming back for more and this is the way you get traffic.

Most newbies always asking the question of how many should they blog? There is no magic number this is what you have to figure it out your self. The only thing to have in mind to never sacrifice quality over quantity.

6. You to stressed out about SEO

Nobody is going to learn the exact strategy of how Google’s algorithm works if they do they have experienced for many years as a digital marketer. Of course, there are great resources out there to learn of them about SEO. But still, SEO isn’t that simple.

So don’t worry about SEO cause isn’t going to get you anywhere. Instead, write great content that people actually find value in. Learn to write great headlines that people want to click and share. Learn to write your posts in a way that people can’t stop reading. Spend your time doing those instead of trying to understand how Google ranks your page.

And after you on the right path, you can start thinking about SEO. Until then just focus on quality content and other traffic sources. But if you want to have some knowledge about Google ranking take a look at this ebook from PotPieGirl.

7. You’re not engaging with your readers

Readers come back to your blog when you engage with them. Invite them to share their thoughts on the post with you. Ask them a question relevant to the blog post – something that requires them to put some thought into answering it. Ask them to take a certain action. Again, spy on your competitors and see how they’re managing to engage their readers. Engagement is key to growing your blog. Don’t overlook it and do not ignore the readers.

8. You put too much energy on everything

I mean by this you want to manage every social media platform that exists. I don’t say you don’t have to be on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter cause there is your audience too, but focus on one at the time by building them up.

Make some goals each month and increase your following. For example the first month you only build your following on your Facebook page or group if you have one. And after that, if you satisfied with the result keep doing it with the others, and trust me if you bring value your audience will come by them self.

The best way to build your social media accounts is by participating in Facebook Group threads, where you can promote your blog and social media.

9. You just focus on your content

If you do only focusing on your content, who will see them? You must take a promotion effort to able to show people your work. Make sure you use Pinterest cause bloggers get most of the traffic from there.

But of course, you could promote your blog post in many ways to make sure your blog is seen by others.

10. No one will share your content without this

If you want that readers take a certain action, make sure you do this easy for them. To do so add a social media plugin on your blog. This way your readers can share your content on social media and Pinterest or what you set up in the settings is up to you.

For example, I have used Social Warfare since I started this blog. After you install the plugin you can easily manage it, you could set up which social media platforms you would like to show for sharing, there are static buttons and floated. My advice is to set the buttons above and under your post where is more visible, and use floated only if the screen resolution fits.

11. You’re Not Utilizing Internal Links

Want people to stay on your blog? Add internal links.

But more importantly, it’s for the benefit of your readers. If you’re writing about a topic and think another post will complement the particular topic you’re writing about, then share it! It will not only help your readers, but it will also lower your bounce rate, and the average time a user spends on your site will increase.

And don’t just write “click here” instead write a meaning phrase.

12. You don’t have a shareable image

You’ll increase the chances of having your posts shared when you have a sharable graphic/image in your post. If you’re dedicated, you may want to add specific images for all major social platforms, such as a custom image for Facebook, another for Pinterest, another for Twitter, etc. These platforms all have their own size guides, so having different images for these different platform helps increase share.

However, if you do not have time for that, then at least create an image for a platform where you know your readers hang out most.

For example, I focus mostly on Pinterest for traffic. So, my readers are also big on Pinterest. I spend a significant time crafting images that are sharable on Pinterest (vertically aligned images with overlaid text).

Or if you also don’t have time to create your appealing Pinterest templates, I can help you out cause I use to make them my own and in my Shop, you can find some of them! Don’t like mine? Never mind Bluchic makes them even better!

So, how about it? Are you making any of these mistakes? If so, stop! Take a hard look at how you’re approaching your blog and correct course when necessary.

Also, if you’re making any of these mistakes or if you have questions regarding any of the pointers here, feel free to leave a comment and address your concern. Share your journey with me and the other readers so that we may all benefit from your experiences.

And while you are here at the bottom I want you to take action and learn more about blogging a whole month. Have you thought about to join us while you read this post? Good cause you will have a lot to learn on your blogging journey and I want you to have a money-making blog you always wanted. Now go to the post and read all about the 30 Days Blogging Challenge but hurry there are only 50 spots left!