Are you thinking of having some basic knowledge about something which will help you improve and grow your blog or other helpful things about email marketing, SEO, and social media?

These courses give a lot of value, speed up your learning, and also keep you encouraged. That is why I have compiled a list of more than 20 free online courses for bloggers on blogging, social media, making money, increasing blog traffic, and lots more! There are tons of free blogging courses you can take right now.

Even before I thought to create this blog to help aspiring bloggers, I took multiple free blogging courses to collect enough knowledge about blogging and how it can even generate money?

I also have to admit that I’m a self-motivated blogger who has learned various skills ONLINE. That’s the reason, I always appreciate fellow bloggers, entrepreneurs, writers, course creators for producing such quality content for readers. 

However, the significance of paid blogging courses is also considerable. Remarkable! But, at times, it just goes out of the budget.

You can even do some savings and after you can buy courses.

Here are my suggestions where you can start learning from free courses created by experts who know the best strategies and tips.

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Are you a new blogger or do you blog for a while but want to learn more? In this post I have round-up some free courses to get some basic knowledge | #onlinecourses #bloggingtips #blogging #startablog

If you are a new blogger or want to improve your blog traffic then you’ve found this post at the right time.

This post covers a range of free online courses for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Online courses are perfect for self-learning individuals who aim to master new skills and lead their careers without paying hefty amounts.

One of the reasons I recommend taking courses is that it allows you to interact with the course creator. It also helps to improve the relationship with the blogger. It will help you take part in the social communities to interact and engage further.

And, as the title says ‘Free Online Courses For Bloggers’ which means you don’t have to pay a penny. Just sign up and enjoy the content.

Needless to mention, I’ve personally taken most of the courses mentioned below. And, they provided so much quality content to learn about blogging. That’s the only reason I’m recommending these to you too. If you need a few courses to improve your blogging then consider taking one or more courses from the list below. Or, bookmark this post to come back later and pick another course.

Be sure, you note down the best tips and start implementing on your blog.

This post contains affiliate links!

Online courses for improving your blog

In this blog post, I’ve mentioned free online courses for bloggers who want to speed up their blog performance and get significant results. This list covers starting a blog, beginner’s blogging, make money blogging, blog traffic, social media, and Pinterest.

This ultimate list of courses will help you become a successful blogger in no time. All you’ve to do is to take the lessons and learn the skills.

For new bloggers

Start a Money-Making Blog – If you want to start your blog where you can make money from the first day that Ana’s course is for you.

How to start a blog that makes money – Another helpful online course about starting your blog for beginners created by Chelsea

Launch your dream website – Are you looking to create a website from scratch, or upgrade your current site into something you are proud of and makes you money? This email course is made for you!

To grow your blog and make money

Affiliate Marketing CourseThis is a free email course on affiliate marketing by Ana from The She Approach. This course guides you through the basics of affiliate marketing and how you can make money from it.

Affiliate Marketing 101 – Another free affiliate marketing course created by Lisa at the Oh She Blogs which is also about the basics of the affiliate marketing to use it and make money from your blog.

How To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate With Small Blog – It’s an ebook to get you succeeded in amazon affiliate marketing. A detailed guide on making money with Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate Affluence – It’s another ebook about making money with Amazon created by Dale where she shares her strategies and tips.

Success on Social Media


Twitter Mini-Course – This course will walk you through the process of setting up your Twitter profile and make it optimized for business. This free mini-course is an amazing source for bloggers who are just starting with Twitter and want to grow their twitter followers.


Pinterest Primer – This free Pinterest course by Mckinzie from Mom Make Cents unfolds strategies to grow your traffic through Pinterest. From creating pinnable images to automation tools and beginner mistakes – you’ll learn loads of information.

Pinterest Power – You cannot miss this course for sure. This Pinterest course from Summer is an ultimate guide to gaining more traffic and leads through Pinterest. In this course you’ll get viral pin formula, pinning plan, and the trick to generating SEO juice through Pinterest group boards strategy.


InstaStrategy with Ell – Learn how to grow your Instagram and engagement with free tips! PLUS – hashtag strategy and VSCO filter ideas created by Ell

Make Money on Instagram as an Instagram Influencer – A Step by Step course to start Making Money from your Instagram account.

Boost your traffic

Free Jumpstart Your Website Traffic Mini-Course – A 6-part email mini-course to learn how to get started marketing yourself online.

SEO for Beginners

SEO MADE SIMPLE: Learn how to master SEO and keyword research in this self-paced online SEO course. This is a free SEO training to help you learn the basics of SEO, keyword research and strategies to make Google love you

Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress websites –  This course shares lectures on how to rank 1 on Google with Technical SEO, 0.5s Pagespeed, UX SEO, Backlink SEO, Keyword Research SEO + WordPress SEO Training. Not free, but affordable.

FREE 5-DAY SEO BOOTCAMPIf you want to level-up your SEO then I highly recommend taking this free course by Mike Pearson. He shares some awesome SEO-stuff that’s going to help you rank better on search engines, and of course, learn how to get 10x Google traffic.


Design Your Blog – The web designing course by Kortryna Bass Blog helps to pick the right color theme, design, and appeal to your blog. It includes creating wonderful social media graphics, impressive blog layout, and functionality to a website.

The Strong Brand Mini Course – Want to build a strong brand online? This free course by Wonderlass is a perfect place to start. I’m sure you’ll love this.


The Epic Website Challenge This step by step guide by Marina Lotaif is helpful for non-techy individuals who want to build their professional website from scratch.

Worry-Free WordPress Course – I highly recommend Ali Rand free email course. I’ve personally taken this course and it gave so much value that I saved the notes in my Google docs so I can implement the tips correctly. This 5-day course includes lessons on security, backups, updates, performance, and legal. If you want to improve your WordPress site, check out this course for sure.


Monetize Your List – Let’s Grow, Nurture & Monetize Your Email List and Turn You Into A Pro Email Marketer.

Email List For Newbies – You need to check out this amazing course by Meera Kothand if you are completely new and have no experience in email marketing. In this course, you’ll find exact content for list building, templates to use, the secret for passive income, and critical email list mistakes.

Double Your Email List – This is a 30-day online course from email marketing experts who have grown their lists to million subscribers. Each lesson brings valuable content to grow your email list.


Legally Blogs –  Find out what’s required by law from you as a blogger and kick-start your compliance to avoid lawsuits, formal complaints, and hefty fines!

This free course was put together by a real lawyer and it’s a must-take if you’re new and a bit unsure about what the law requires from you.

Do you want more free courses on various topics? Watch FREE online courses live at which is updated each week.