In my other blog post about Freshbooks, I’ve shown you a little bit about Freshbooks itself, how you can use it and features you can use.

But now I want to dig in a little bit about what an invoice is, how you can create it, send it and what to look for in an invoicing app.

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The key benefits you will have if you choose them:

– FreshBooks has everything you and/or your accountant need to stay organized year-round and be 100% ready for tax season
– You can create and send super polished invoices in about 30 seconds with FreshBooks
– FreshBooks keeps you organized with smart and simple time tracking for you and your team
– FreshBooks lets you record and organize expenses with a tap of your mobile camera
– FreshBooks gets you paid in a snap by accepting credit card payments directly on invoices
– For faster payment next time, you can save credit card info directly in client profiles

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Infographic: Small Business Accountant Survey 2019
How about you? Are you struggling too when it comes to accounting software? After reading this whole blog post this won’t happen anymore, cause Freshbooks is an easy to use software with the most important features you will need for accounting.

1. What is an invoice?

Invoice is a bill you send to your client.

  • Outline the work you performed
  • What they owe you for your services
  • And the way they should pay you

There are many reasons to send invoices:

  • To outline the products and services provided
  • To keep track of business revenue for tax
  • To help forecast future income
  • And last but not least to leave a lasting impression on your clients

With Freshbooks, you can customize your invoice as your own branding like adding a logo.

How does an invoice look like

There are different sections what makes an invoice professional.

  1. Logo
  2. Contact Information
  3. Invoice date and number
  4. Amount due
  5. List items of completed work
  6. Taxes, discounts and amount due

There is also a note section where you can write everything related to your completed work and you can set up terms.

2. How to create an invoice

While creating an invoice with Freshbooks is really easy I think watching a video about it makes it more simple.

Did you know that Freshbooks makes your busy workdays easier and saves time by letting you use their free invoicing templates? Now if you haven't you know it by now, and can start to create them yourself. You can customize it as your own and it is even given you the benefits cause you get 100% free templates which look professional, it is downloadable in many formats and much more. By the way, you can choose from 5 different templates such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, etc. And also can choose by industry! Ready to create one? Here you can begin!

3. Sending your invoice

Sending an invoice is also an easy task but knowing the opportunities how you can send them will make it easy for you if you watch this video.

4. How to choose the best invoicing app 

You have to know some things before you decide which invoicing app is right for you.

What to look for in an invoicing app:

  1. Real-time access
  2. Professional invoice templates
  3. Online payments
  4. A record of your invoices
  5. Ability to record a payment

Did you know how easy it is to get recurring payments from your clients? Freshbooks new tool makes it possible for you. The new tool called Retainers is easy to create, edit and track. But you have to have a Plus or Premium plan to able to use it. Don't worry you can try it out for a whole month for free! So if you interested and want to know more about Retainers I have written a blog post about what they exactly are and how you can create, edit and track them. So make you read it here.

Do you own a business and what do you think about Freshbooks?