It is always so hard to come up with the number one blog name you will not regret because you have to look for a lot of things before you decide.

Nowadays there is so many blogs are build that you have limits in coming up with your blog name. But don’t worry you have still place in the blogging sphere.

Choosing your name is very important because that’s the way people (your audience) will identify you and recognize from others.

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Now follow these steps to find the perfect name for your blog, but don’t forget to be unique and memorable.

1. Choose your blog niche

You probably already know your niche by now, this is important first step cause you can relate to it when you choose your name.

Here are some niches, you can choose from:

Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Interiors
Travel Home Craft Technology
Wedding DIY Photography Art
Fitness Food Graphic Design Education
Personal Parenting Health Family
Money Business Books + Film Blogging
Mom Life Youtube Organizing Music

2. Branding

This is the second most important to look for when you decide what your name will be. Do you know how your visitors will see your blog? Already have some vision about it?

Questions you might have to answer before you decide:
Want some stylish and expensive look?
Or do you like more affordable and fun things?
What kind of vibe will you blog have?

After you know what your blog will look like and how you want your brand look to be you can understand what types of words you should use for the blog name.

3. Brainstorming

Since you have a thought of what your blog will be about and the vibe you need to make with it, you’ll have to begin conceptualizing words. You have to make a rundown of each word you can think about that identifies with you and your niche. Make a list, here is a worksheet made for you to help you!

4. Mix and Match

If you have your list, then you need to start mixing and matching. Your blog name most likely has more than one word, use a word such as “the, and, with or to”.

You can use your name too if you don’t come up with the right blog name after mix and match the words. It is useful when you want to start your own business.

4. Check the availability

Grab that list with the potential names and check if it’s available. Make sure that your domain name is memorable, unique and short to remember.

There are two tools you can check with:

The first one is Namecheckr where you not only see if your domain name is available, but you can check out social media names too.

Namecheckr for checking your domain name

If it’s available you will see this on your screen

If you scroll down on the site of Namecheckr you able to see more option to check for.

The second tool is if you will use Bluehost than you can see if the domain name is available.

After you type in your wanted blog name you click on the green button “check availability” you will send to the registration form if it’s available or the page where it says it is not available but you will get suggestions from Bluehost. But either way, get your name as soon as possible cause every day many people are taking their beloved names. And you don’t want to leave yours to someone else, right? Besides with Bluehost you get it free!

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Still, a beginner and want to start your blog from scratch then read here where you get to know the basics.