This is my first income blog post and I’m happy I can tell my story about it. I never thought that starting over and making a new blog will change everything.

Of course, I had a lot to do before getting to my first little income. But earning $234 after 4 months of blogging makes me proud even if it is not much yet.

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You don't need to have a huge blog to earn income from it and even with a few loyal followers you can make to the top find out how I made it after 4 months of blogging | #bloggingtips #blogincome #money #marketing

First, don’t think you have to have a blog with lots of followers to begin earning from your blog. If you thought so, you are wrong.

I have don’t much followers and subscribers and even I with a small blog had made my first $300. Or even more but because this is my first income report since the earned dollars before I only write about this.

The best way to earn your first dollars is by affiliate marketing, that’s true. So what I made to earn that income is writing blog posts about affiliate products I trust in and use.

Here are my posts if you interested in:

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These are the post I made to introduce you to the products I really like and promote. And there are more since the release of this post.

Before we dig into more details on how I made my first income I want you to start your own blog if you haven’t yet and to understand some things about it so take my 5 days email course on how to start your blog today!

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How this whole thing all started

Back in 2013, I’ve already made a decision to go for it and begin blogging (that’s when my first baby girl was born she was the reason I wanted to become a working home mom) but I failed and never had the chance to monetize my blog as I wanted to.

So I was blogging till 2017 when I was so frustrated and had enough of everything cause it was so overwhelming and 2016 was the year when my second child was born and had no idea how to manage my time.

What my biggest mistake was back then:

  • Had a free hosting
  • Free domain name
  • Had a free theme
  • Haven’t niched down my blog (I blogged about everything)
  • Haven’t had a target audience
  • Not focused on building my list
  • I was bit social media weak

The only thing I was good at is making my Pinterest bigger.

So everything changed in 2019 January I decided to begin with a fresh start and do my best to make it happen.

I have purchased my first hosting, purchased my domain and have asked someone on Fiverr to create my logo for branding and also have my theme.

This is the journey I have been through and after 4 months of blogging I can say making a few hundreds of dollars with a small audience is makes me proud.

So how I made my first $234

Affiliate Marketing: $79,95

I did have to take me so long time to really make a passive income from affiliate marketing, everyone does it and even you have to start doing it if you haven’t already.

You just only do the promoting and money will come to your way even when you sleep and you only need a blog and start promoting also on social media and Pinterest. But trust me when I say the combination of a blog and Pinterest + Tailwind can make wonders.

What I did to promote those products and which one:

I’m really a Pinterest addict person I spend a lot of time on the platform as I can I not only pin manually but most of the times I use Tailwind to help me out when I’m busy with other things.

But speaking of manually pinning one of the first money I made was promoting the eBook of Kyla which is about manually pinning and how you could get traffic from Pinterest. Get your copy today cause you may learn a lot of things about it.

The second one was Chelsea’s course about how you can turn your blog into a biz and become a successful blogger. Enroll today if you want to learn more!

The following earning is thanks to this blog post about stock photos for girl bosses where I mentioned paid and free options to get stock photos for your blog and business. And so far the most liked paid stock photo membership site is Pixistock where there are really beautiful photos for the female blog and business owners.


Sponsored Posts: $155

As you can see above I have made some post for the sponsored purpose and is going pretty well cause have made much throughout the months.

I had never pitched for it, companies are coming my way writing me emails to make a post for them but I only work with those which I truly trust and believe in and use their product.

And the best way to find those companies is also via affiliate programs so I can say everything relates to affiliate marketing.


I have still a lot of ideas and money making opportunities on the head but I think that this is also a good start, to begin with. If you want to know how you can monetize your blog and turn it into a full-time job first read this blog post.