When I started my blog I had to find a theme quick, because I wanted to begin with my blogging journey as soon as possible. So I didn’t realize I was getting the wrong theme for my blog. And of course, as a beginner, I didn’t want to spend more money which I didn’t have on expensive themes.

But when I saw other bloggers blog I was ashamed and thought why my blog isn’t so interesting for other people. I wanted a professional blog where people (my readers) and don’t have to be afraid of losing them because of my unprofessional blog.

I spend hours to redesign my blog and wasted my time of not having the theme I wanted. That’s when I had enough and decided to look for a new theme. So instead of spending hours on my blogging design, I was searching for a theme that allowed me to quickly build a beautiful blog that had all the functions I looking for and spend more time creating quality posts for my readers.

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After all this time searching for the better Bluchic came across. I have read about them on other blogs and did some research before purchasing. So first I want you to know about the things I decided to go for it and buy the theme Maggie for my blog.

I had to figure out if Bluchic’s theme was right for me. So who’re Bluchic themes for?

The Bluchic themes are for…

Bluchic only offers themes for female entrepreneurs who are looking for a clean, gorgeous, stylish and feminine blog that is easy to set up and customize.

They have themes designed for bloggers, service-based businesses such as virtual assistants or online coaching, and online shops.

Each theme has testimonials and showcases so you can easily see what other website owners liked about it and how they tied the theme into their online presence.

With Bluchic you will be able to explore WordPress and learn the tech part while reaching out of your comfort zone.

The Bluchic themes are not for…

Bluchic will elevate your brand and make you stick out so if you’re looking to lay low and are currently not interested in monetizing your blog or treating it as anything more than a hobby you wouldn’t benefit from Bluchic themes.

If you really hate anything tech or website-related and would rather not do any type of set up or customization hiring a website designer might work out better for you.

On the other hand, if you would rather completely build your website from scratch without any type of guidance or limitation Bluchic is probably not the right tool for you either.

What you have to do first

First, you will have to set up your hosting and domain with WordPress (Bluchic themes will only work with WordPress).

If you’re just getting started here is a handy guide that will take you through the process step-by-step with detailed pictures and instructions on how to start your blog.

Now you’re ready to purchase your Bluchic theme (so many to choose from – I ended up with Maggie). Once purchased you will receive all the files and instructions needed to install and set up your new theme.



7 things I LOVE most about Bluchic themes

1. There is no tech struggle

The themes are simple enough for the “non-techy” WordPress newbie to build and customize a website. No coding knowledge required and no need to hire a designer or google tutorials, you can do it all yourself!

I felt so proud after setting up my new Maggie theme in less than a few hours and it looked so good!

The customization options are plentiful. You can customize all the theme colors and preview any changes you make.

Step-by-step tutorials and video walk-throughs

Bluchic is with you every step of the way. There are tutorials for EVERYTHING (Setup WordPress Menu, Setup Newsletter, etc.) and each tutorial comes with written instructions and a video walkthrough.

If you still run into any difficulties you can always submit a support ticket and they respond super fast.

All the instructions made me feel confident knowing I could set up everything all by myself!

Extra perk: Bluchic also offers installation service and site setup. So if you don’t want to spend any time setting up your theme and want it to look just like the demo site you can pay them a small fee to get you all set up in 24 hours. All you need to do is add your website content.

Variety of plugins to customize your website to your needs

There are a bunch of custom plugins that make Bluchic even more fun. They have a Recent Post plugin that makes showcasing your latest blog posts super easy.

With the Portfolio and Testimonial plugins, you can show off your work and your satisfied customers in a variety of categories.

Grow your email list and increase conversions

Each Bluchic theme comes with an optimized newsletter section that will help you to build your email list easily and grow your subscribers. There is a designated place for your strong call-to-action. You have the option to showcase the newsletter signup form on every page and increase your conversions.

Mobile- and SEO-friendly

With a Bluchic theme, your website is ultra-responsive and will fit every screen, from desktop to tablet and mobile. No awkward design glitches or out of place paragraphs.

Bluchic incorporates microdata to help Google and other search engines to recognize and read your site’s content. It also allows search engines to display relevant snippets of your content in search results. Traffic increase ahead!

Monetizing your blog made easy

If you’re looking to sell your product (digital or physical) you can easily build your online shop with the WooCommerce plugin.


Other awesome Bluchic products

I ended up loving my Bluchic blog theme SO MUCH and when the time was of shopping I had a great deal so I purchased the Landing Page Templates and also the Canva Social Media Templates which both have saved more time.

I’m usually very hesitant to spend money on something that “I could easily do myself” but after seeing how much time I saved with the Bluchic WordPress Theme I knew it would benefit me so much. I had so much time to work on other things after not having to worry about my homepage anymore and it was the best feeling ever.

Landing Page templates

Since buying the landing page templates I was able to increase my email subscribers by 20% already! Their layout is so intuitive and has many targeted calls for actions that will turn your visitors into subscribers.

The all-in-one bundle includes 15 beautifully crafted and high converting landing page templates to achieve your sales goals such as opt-in page, tripwire page, thank you page, sales page, offer expired page/waitlist page, webinar registration page, freebie library, live webinar page, and more.

While I haven’t been able to use all of these templates for my website yet I’m so excited and motivated to implement them once my blog grows and I start offering products.

See All Template Demos Here

Although I have never used Clickfunnels or Leadpages myself I heard a lot about how difficult it is to use them or to even get started (not to mention the cost!). With the landing page template set, you will get all those remade templates for a fraction of the cost and instead of paying a monthly fee you only pay a one time fee.

Social Media templates

I like to create graphics on Canva. But I waste hours and hours creating and editing them, adding different images, adjusting font size, etc. It was eating up a lot of my time. So I decided to invest in some Bluchic Canva templates and it saves me so much time.

If you love Canva look here why you have to upgrade to Canva Pro.

There are 15 different templates you can use for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Now I can batch create a month’s worth of graphics quickly. I just plug in the blog title and have multiple different social media graphics created for each post within minutes.

It makes my graphics (and brand) look a lot more cohesive and seamless as well.

Extra Perk: You get 5 stock photos from the talented Ellen Drouin from Styled Stock Society for free with the templates.

Canva Lead Magnet Templates

Although I haven’t yet purchased Lead Magnet Templates I think it is also a time-saving option to choose if you want to spend less time creating Lead Magnets.

Here’s a look at what’s included:

50 unique templates for different types of lead magnets, including:

📌A 10 Page Roadmap/blueprint: Includes a cover page, welcome page, roadmap, call to action page, and content section.

📌A 10 Page Resource list: Includes a cover page, welcome page, call to action page, and resource page to list the tools and descriptions.

📌A 10 Page Workbook: Includes a cover page, welcome page, call to action page, and workbook page with text and boxes or lines.

📌A 10 Page Gift guide: Includes a cover page, welcome page, table of contents, call to action page, product images, and description.

📌A 10 Page Checklist: Includes a cover page, welcome page, call to action page, checklist. 

Some questions I had when I first considered buying a Bluchic theme

Does the one-time fee include support and updates?

Yes! You will receive lifetime theme updates and support at no additional cost. Look for your question in the help center, or feel free to submit a help ticket if you need additional support (they usually respond within 24 hrs).

Is the layout of the theme customizable?

Yes, again! You can modify layouts to change the location of banners, change how posts display, move or remove sidebars, and so on.

Can I see all of the themes in action to help me decide?

Each theme has a Live Demo that you can look at. Click through all of its features and pick out your favorite theme.

Here is the Maggie Theme Live Demo (the theme I decided to go with). You can also check out the themes in action on their website showcase.

Still not convinced? Read some of the testimonials.

Final Thoughts 

Bluchic has been an AMAZING resource for me and I hope you can benefit from their themes and templates as much as I did!

What kind of theme are you using? What is important to you when it comes to picking a theme for your website? As always please leave any feedback or questions in the comments