For us bloggers Pinterest is important and we rely on because this is one of our major traffic sources. Once you see Pinterest as a virtual search engine rather than a social media site, then you will understand that this is an amazing and powerful tool to generate traffic to your blog. It is simple to use, you only add self-made or pre-made images (which are your pins) and link back to your post (or if you have an affiliate offer). People see them and just click on them if they find them interesting and landing on your blog.

But of course, there is always a catch: if your pin does not stand out, no one will ever click on your pins. They will easily get lost by millions of images. You have maybe one second to get the Pinterest users’ attention when they’re scrolling the feed, so you better make sure your Pins are amazing and eye-catching.

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How to get your Pinterest pin to go viral! My viral pin strategy that brings me thousands of blog views a day through Pinterest! #pinterest #pin #bloggingtips #tailwind

Beautiful images are good, but are they good enough? The short answer is no. There’s the real science behind gorgeous pins that generate clicks and repins, and I’m going to tell you all about what to include in viral Pinterest graphics. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about the perfect viral pin: what you need to include in your pin, what Pinterest recommends, and what works and what doesn’t.

How To Create Viral Pinterest Graphics

There are 4 key factors to create a click-worthy pin.

1. Size

Always create vertical pins – this performs best since Pinterest is organized in columns. Avoid small and square images at all costs – I guarantee no one will see them. Pinterest recommends a 2:3 ratio so your pins should be 1.5 times longer than they are wide. The optimal size is 600 x 900 px, but you can make them a little longer if you need to.

Keep in mind that Pinterest now cuts pins off around 1260 px though, so anything longer than that won’t show up – only when a user taps it for a closeup. You might as well put your text in the upper 900 px too because you never know when they are going to change the rules again. They’ve been recommending the 600 x 900 px size for years, so you never know.

There used to be a time on Pinterest when there wasn’t any rule concerning the size of the images, and some bloggers made their pins so long they clogged up the entire feed.

2. Images

There’s nothing wrong with a text-only pin but try to mix it up a little. If you’re using images in your pins, make sure they are related to the topic, and that they are royalty-free if you don’t have the license to use them. Choose beautiful clean images that catch the eye and quickly convey what your pin is about. Save a variety of photos that will appeal to different groups of people.

Don’t know where to find gorgeous images? Click to read my post The Best Free Stock Photos for Girl bosses and bookmark these sites!

3. Text & Font

The text on the pin has to be readable. Select a duo of two fonts that go well together and also matches your brand. Bold sans serif fonts seem to perform better. Don’t forget that more than 75% of pinners are browsing from their mobile devices, so your text has to be big enough for cell phones or tablet screens. If you’re not sure where to find the best fonts for your blog, head over to FontBundles or CreativeMarket which are both offering free fonts each week.  

Don’t cram too much info if you’re overlaying text on your image – just a compelling headline that will make people click – and use good color contrast. If you need help writing better post titles, use CoSchedule’s headline analyzer. This free tool will give you a headline score in %, analyzing the structure, grammar, and readability of your headline. I use it for every post!

Don’t forget that you also have the description field on your pin to fill out! It’s valuable real estate and it’s good for your SEO to write different keyword-rich descriptions for each pin, so try it!

To show more important details right under the pin, make sure you enable Rich Pins from your account! Pinterest shows you how to proceed right here. The info you’ll provide on the image will also be used by search engines for context and indexing and will show up on the pin as well.


4. Branding

You need to create branded Pinterest images that are cohesive with the fonts and colors we can find on your website and other social media pages. You want people to recognize your pins when they’re scrolling their feed! Also, since you’ll be inserting at least one or two of these pins in every blog post, it will look a lot more professional if they all have a similar design.

If you browse around The Mompreneurship, you’ll see that all blog-related articles start with the same kind of graphic. Just like the one you can see above this text, at the very top of the page. They all look alike because they match my branding.

Also, your domain name and/or logo should be on every. single. pin. – no exception! In the event of a broken link or a bad repost, we’ll always be able to track down your article and find our way back on your blog if your info is on the pin.

To save time, I strongly suggest creating templates for your pin designs. All you’ll have to do is simply modify the text and the image without having to start from scratch every time.

Don’t have the time to create your own Pinterest templates? Look in my shop or check out this Pinterest Template Pack or do you like more Feminine templates then this bundle is made for you!

5. A/B/C and D testing

You should create at least 4 or 5 pins for every post you write and publish. It’s not only okay to have multiple pins that land on the same blog post, but it is also actually recommended to improve your traffic and your SEO! All you have to do is vary the text and/or the images slightly, trying new headlines. You’ll reach different types of people this way, and see which ones are doing better than others! I can’t tell you how many times I thought one pin was the least interesting of the batch, and it ended up being the one to go viral.

6. The plugins

There are many browser extensions you can download to help you pin images directly to your boards when you’re browsing a website or reading a blog. However, you can’t assume that all your readers will have this installed already. Spoiler alert: most of them don’t!

So to help your readers pin and share your images, you have to give them a little push! Simply download and install the Pinterest Button on Hover WordPress plugin and make sure to activate it.

With this plugin, when someone hovers on your images and your pins (that you’ll have inserted in your posts), a cute little Pin it or Save button appears in Pinterest red. When they click on it, they’re asked to sign in to their Pinterest account, and then they’re able to pin your image to their boards directly. It makes it easy for anyone who’s not too tech-savvy.

But as you can see on my pins, I made my own custom Pinterest buttons which you can also make your own with Canva and you can use the plugin jQuery Pin It Button for Images to insert your pin button. I also recommend having a share button above and under your posts and I use Social Warfare plugin for that.

Try it on any image and you’ll see it!

How To Go Viral

And now a little bit about how to get your pins going viral and get many eyes on your pins as possible to reach more traffic to your blog.


Does your pin have a click-worthy title? A huge factor in getting your pins clicked is the title! Here are some examples of 2 different title, which one do you think would be most likely to get clicked?

“How I earned my first $1,000 with my blog!” OR “How to make money with your blog?”

I find whenever I include specific $$$ amounts, the pins get clicked more.

Here’s another example…

“10 hacks for moms” OR “10 life-changing hacks for moms who are busy!” 

Think about how you can add to your titles to make your viewers want to CLICK!


A great way to help your pin get clicked more is to add a call to action to the pin. It could be something as simple as “Click to read my top 10 WordPress plugin recommendations to use for your blog!” 

As crazy as it sounds, the simple call to action can make a huge difference! Tell your viewer to click and read more! It’s crazy, people do what you tell them


If you want your pin to go viral, keywords are going to be necessary! Once you create your pin and upload it to Pinterest, you want to make sure you have a keyword-optimized Pin description! Without keywords and a few relevant hashtags in your pin description, Pinterest doesn’t know what your pin is about… therefore, they won’t be able to properly display it in the smart feed!



Making sure you have a proper pinning strategy in place is crucial for making your Pinterest pins go viral! Are you pinning your pin to the proper boards? How consistent are you when pinning your pin?

Sometimes I find bloggers will join any group board under the sun and pin whatever pin they want to them. This isn’t a proper pinning strategy. When you are saving your Pins to boards, you want to make sure you are only saving your pins to boards that relate to the pin and have the proper keywords!

If you are pinning a fashion pin to a “bloggers helping bloggers group board” then this isn’t helping your strategy. Pinning your pin to boards that aren’t related to the pin confuses Pinterest and negatively affects your Pinterest SEO.

Learn about a proper pinning strategy here!


Tailwind tribes have been a HUGE help when it comes to getting my pins to go viral! I join about 10 tribes for each niche that I blog about. When I go to schedule my pins with Tailwind, I also share my pins with the related tribes! This helps boost my pin impressions and reach.

Tailwind tribes are almost like group boards, but they are strictly on Tailwind! You essentially share your pin to a tribe and the tribe members schedule your shared pin to related boards of their choice. This helps boost your pin and circulate it throughout Pinterest!

If you aren’t using Tailwind already, I highly recommend it! It can be game-changing when it comes to growing your Pinterest and blog traffic!

If you have a lot of time to spend on Pinterest you can also create your strategy when it comes to pinning manually. Learn more about Manual Pinning here!