Are you wanting to learn more about how to set up Google Analytics custom events tracking in WordPress? The good thing about adding custom tracking is that will help you to track and measure the results of your most important links and call-to-action buttons.

However, the setup process is a bit difficult for beginners. That’s where MonsterInsights plugin’s custom link attribution feature comes handy.

In this post, I’ll show you how to set up Google Analytics custom events tracking in WordPress with MonsterInsights.

This post contains an affiliate link and if you purchase via my link I will receive a small commission for that but at no extra cost to you! Thanks for the support!

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What are Google Analytics Custom Events?

Events are user interactions with content like downloads, video plays, button clicks, flash elements, etc. Events are tracked from a page load or pageview hit.

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Event tracking is also great when you want to track how your site visitors are interacting with your site content. And this will help you to understand your most important content and measure conversions. Once you’ve got the proper data, you’ll optimize your less effective content and boost your conversions.

An event has 3 main components:

Event Category: Typically the name of the thing users interact with. Eg. “CTA” for call-to-action buttons.
Event Action: Typically the name of the sort of interaction. Eg. “Click” for clicking on the buttons.
Event Label: Additional information about the events you would like to trace. Eg. “Buy Button” for your sidebar button.

So if you would like to line up call-to-action button event tracking, you’ll add event conditions just like the ones below

Let’s see the way to found out WordPress event tracking.

Setting Up Google Analytics Custom Events Tracking in WordPress

Google Analytics tracks only pageview hits. So, you ought to found out custom event tracking to live event hits (users’ interactions with the content).

You can set up Google Analytics custom events tracking in WordPress using 2 methods but now we only going to talk about MonsterInsight because it is the easiest.

MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin simplifies the entire process of fixing event tracking in WordPress to the purpose that it takes mere minutes to line up. It’s the easiest method available. Anyone can do it, even if they have zero coding knowledge.

Now, let’s see how to add custom event tracking in WordPress with the help of MonsterInsights.

Adding Custom Link Tracking with MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress Google Analytics plugin on the market. It helps you utilize Google Analytics with WordPress in the simplest way possible.

monsterinsights-google analytics custom event

MonsterInsights introduced a brand new Custom Link Attribution feature to permit you easily add custom event tracking to your custom links. So, you’ll need to have the latest version of the plugin installed on your site to use this feature.

With this new Custom Link Attribution Feature, you’ll track your call-to-action (CTA) buttons and determine how relevant they’re for your site’s conversions. Similarly, you’ll add event tracking to other important links like your subdomains and see how users interact with those links.

It’s easy to feature custom event tracking to your custom WordPress links with MonsterInsights. All you have to do is add the subsequent data-variable tags to the HTML of your link.

Once you add the tags, MonsterInsights will track your WordPress links and supply you with detailed reports.

That’s it!

Now to look at the info from your custom event tracking link, head over to the Publishers report in MonsterInsights.

Go to Insights » Reports» Publisher. Next, scroll down and look at the Top Outbound Links report if you created a custom link just like the one for pricing in the example.


And if you created a custom affiliate link, you can view the Top Affiliate Links report to see the amount of clicks.

google analytics custom event

The Custom Link Attribution feature also supports Google AMP pages, so you’ll precisely track your AMP optimized custom links.

I hope this post helped you to find out how to set up Google Analytics custom event tracking in WordPress.