Pinterest has decided in 2018 to put more focus on followers and that’s why you need something to increase these numbers.

That is why you have to have a strategy to increase those amounts. And in this post, I’m going to show you how!

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How I get followers to my Pinterest

I have to admit that this Pinterest account was already used by me before this blog went online but had another name with another niche. It helped me a little bit of getting a few people to follow me.

Since I use it to this blog I reach more people who want to learn about blogging, affiliate marketing, business, etc.

By this, you probably want to have some proof right?

Now here you can see my stats in Tailwind for the last 30 days

Tailwind follower stats

So as you can see I already gained almost 100 followers, it’s maybe not a follower base you want to gain for a whole month but I will get there soon to get even more 🙂

By the way one great tip to not lose any followers, never merge popular boards of yours to another to become a section, cause if people only followed that particular board you will lose them by this action (trust me I have expirienced)

Now here comes the number one tool I use to increase these numbers and gain more people from my blog!

What is Milotree?

Milotree is a plugin for WordPress (but you can use it also for Blogger, Squarespace, Weebly, etc.). Most of the bloggers use it and you could see when a pop-up pops up like this on desktop and mobile:

Milotree pop-up

This is basically what Milotree is for providing a plugin with a pop-up to your blog so you can collect followers on autopilot.

Think about it, when someone visits your blog they are only there to read a blog post based on your promotion.

They are not thinking, “Hey, I like this content let me follow them for more content like this.” People need a reminder, and Milotree does that.

Gaining Pinterest followers is important.

The more Pinterest followers you have, the greater the chances of increasing your blog traffic, and credibility.

If you are a new blogger, you have to understand the importance of capturing people who have visited your blog because if you don’t, they may be gone forever.

Yes, they could have signed up to your mailing list, but many people don’t like making that commitment. Following someone on Pinterest seems less invasive. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to build your email list.

How to set up Milotree for WordPress

Step 1.: Sign up to Milotree

Everything goes with a base registration as usual. But before you do that demo your pop-up and then if you satisfied sign up to have a Milotree account.

Milotree demo

Step 2.: Configure your service

If you decided to get your pop-up than fill out the form with your card details or sign up with Paypal. But don’t worry you won’t charge anything till the trial period which is a whole month.

By the way, did I mentioned that Milotree not only collects followers for you on Pinterest, but also on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Shopify, Etsy and also Email? But while this blog post about Pinterest I won’t get in detail with the other ones. It’s basically the same with all of them when it comes to configuring.

So move on to the configuring page and select Pinterest:

Milotree Pinterest Configure

After that you will see this page:

Milotree Customizing Page

Write the username you use on Pinterest, customize the colors you use for your brand and click on Update to see your creation. After you can hit the Done button.

As you can see it takes less time to create your pop-up, but now I will help you how to install it to your WordPress blog.

Step 3.: Install Milotree on WordPress

Go to the Install page which you will find at the left corner

Milotree install on WordPress

And then download the plugin for WordPress. If you are at another platform you can use the script which you have to embed in the footer of your site.

Once you are done with the downloading of the plugin upload it to your WordPress blog.

Go to Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin

Milotree upload to WordPress

After hitting the Upload Plugin button Browse for the plugin on your laptop. If it is uploaded to your WordPress blog click on Activate plugin.

This is a simple way to get more followers on either social media platform, Pinterest or to your Email. And it didn’t take you more than 5 minutes.


After your 30 days is over and want to keep your Milotree account you could choose from 2 forms of payments monthly or yearly. I think it’s, either way, affordable for every budget.

Milotree pricing

Now you know how to get more followers to your Pinterest. And what the other best part of Milotree is that you will get Analytics where you could track your followers how many you have right at the moment on your Pinterest account and how many you have got with the pop-up.