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How to get supported by your readers

Did you know that there is a sort of a crowdfunding site for bloggers and creatives too? You could get supported by your readers only placing a button onto your sidebar or at the bottom of your posts.

I want to show you step-by-step how you could set up your account so you can start receiving some “coffee’s” as a gift from your readers!

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What is Ko-Fi?








Profile Image – Upload a safe for work image for your profile.

Name – This can be a real name or a nickname. It doesn’t have to be unique to your page and can include spaces. Your name will be displayed in the header of your page.

About you – Introduce yourself to visitors, tell them a bit about what you do.

Website – Add a link to where people can find your content online. It could be a social profile or an independent website.

Ko-fi username – This is the unique page link you will share with your readers or fans. It can only contain letters and has to be more than 6 characters (5 with Ko-fi Gold).

Account type – If you are a creator seeking donations choose ‘Creator’ or if you are a supporter just looking to support other creators then choose ‘Supporter’

What do you do? – Choose up to 3 tags that best describe what you do. Don’t worry if you don’t fit a specific box.

PayPal account email – Ko-fi connects supporters directly to the creators PayPal account to pay them directly. To do this write the email address you use to accept payments on PayPal. It can be either a personal or a business PayPal account, but I using a PayPal business account (it’s a free upgrade).

If you don’t have a PayPal account you can change this email address at any time. Ko-fi Gold members can also choose to use Stripe as an alternative payment method.

Upgrade your Ko-fi? – Ko-fi Gold lets you receive monthly subscriptions (not just one-off tips) and offer exclusive content just for people that support you. Ko-fi Gold also lets you customize your page (change coffee to something else, change the price, add more social links, change colors). If you want to know more about Ko-fi Gold you can read that below if you continue reading.

Click Save Changes and congratulations you have completed your basic profile.

Personalizing your Page

Once you have set up your basic profile you can edit your page directly. While logged in, navigate to your page to add content and personalize its appearance.

Set a goal – Adding a goal is a great way to show your readers how you will use the money they donate. I have found pages with a goal receive more support than those without a goal. To set a goal, go to your page and click to set a goal. Enter the Goal title, goal amount (in money, not ko-fi’s) and a starting amount (how much you already have towards the goal) then click confirm.


It is a good idea to make your goal relevant to what you create and also to make your starting amount more than 0.

Add a cover image – Upload a cover image as the background of your header area. This image will display differently on different screens so avoid using text within the image.

Update status – You can update your status at any time and change it as much as you like. Let readers know what you are working on if you will be attending an upcoming event or whatever is happening with you.

Display Coffee Counter / Top Supporters – Click Add Something > Page Appearance to choose to display tiles showing a count of the number of Ko-fi’s received and a leaderboard of your top supporters. These tiles will only appear once you start receiving support.

Add Some Content

Your Ko-fi page can contain a profile video, gallery images, and posts for your readers. Please only upload content which complies with Ko-fi’s content policy. To add content to your page click Add Something and then choose the content to add.

Profile Video – You can add a video from YouTube or Vimeo by pasting the link to the video.

Gallery Images – If you have images you can upload them to your gallery

Posts – Posts are longer form, shareable articles which can contain a header image, text, videos and links. Find out more about posts.

Payment Settings

Ko-fi lets you change the default currency and write a personalized message just for those people who support you. With Ko-fi Gold you can also change the price of a Ko-fi, receive recurring payments and collect money using Stripe as well / instead of PayPal. Payment settings can be found by clicking the Ko-fi logo and choosing Payment Settings from the menu on the left.


Choosing a Currency – Payment providers such as PayPal and Stripe automatically convert payments to your local currency, but you can pick the default currency your fans will see when supporting you. Choose from US $, Canadian $, Euro , British £, Australian $.

Set Auto-Reply Message – Fans who leave a donation will be directed to a thank-you message and receive an email thanking them for support. Setting the Auto-Reply message will override the default text with your own message.

Set up Ko-fi to your WordPress blog

Simple just download the Ko-fi plugin by going to Plugin > Add New > Search for Ko-fi and the first plugin which will come up is Ko-fi Button that is what you have to install and activate.

After you finished installing and activating, stay on the Installed Plugins page and scroll down for the Ko-fi button plugin and click on Settings.

This is what you have and can set up so you can start collecting those “coffee’s”!

Let’s talk about Ko-fi Gold

If you hate ads and want to level up your page to the next level Ko-fi Gold is a must.

Gold Features

  • Support the community
    Support Ko-fi’s development. Get a gold badge and a more personal page.
  • Supporter-only posts
    Post content that can be unlocked with a one-off or monthly donations.
  • Build monthly income
    Let supporters pay you with recurring monthly payments.
  • Commissions tools
    Simplify commissions! List your choices, show your status and slots.
  • Set your own price
    Change your unit price to anything from $1 to $100
  • Change coffee to… anything
    Tea, pizza, beer – change coffee to whatever you like
  • Shorter Ko-fi username
    Get a shorter, five character Ko-fi name.
  • Social links
    Show links to all your social profiles directly from your Ko-fi page.
  • No ads, no nags
    They’ll remove the ‘Support Ko-fi’ tiles from your page.
  • Gallery extras
    Add higher quality images and allow supporters to download hi-res versions.
  • Analytics insights
    Connect to Google Analytics. See how Supporters are finding your Ko-fi Page.
  • Get new features first
    Preview new features first, such as our Stripe credit card payment option.

And this is only for $6/month this is the best price for this whole lot of feature you could get if you upgrade and if you get the yearly plan you get 2 months for free. And that’s not the only thing you could get if you use my link you get 10% off of the price.

I hope you had some benefit from reading this post and you will try Ko-fi either free or paid.

If you would like to support me push on this button right down below. I really appreciate all my supporters/readers!


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