Did you know that protecting your blog is the number one priority when it gets to blogging especially when you are serious about it and want to make it a business?

If you are just starting your blog or blogging for a while you might think that these things aren’t really important and you can push it aside for later.

Now that’s a big mistake you could do as a blogger!

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The legal side of blogging is not fun or easy!  

Many bloggers struggle with writing their legal pages because they have no idea where to start!  

You may find the legal stuff complicated, intimidating, or maybe even boring? 

Are you confused or overwhelmed? Don’t be! It’s just important to legally protect your blog with basic legal contracts such as a privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms and conditions.

Trust me, I know because it was not easy for me. I wasted HOURS and DAYS trying to write the legalese myself until I realized I’m not a lawyer and shouldn’t waste my time anymore. I was taking time AWAY from growing my business. 

But I knew that the legal side of my online business is super important and to comply with the law, I needed legal pages on my blog. 

We all know that hiring a lawyer to handle all this for you can be very expensive but it does not mean you should skip over the legal pages!


When I began my blogging journey I thought that having everything for free is the same as purchasing all that my blogging business needs.

So if you were just like me you probably searched on Google for Legal Templates and thought that this is also the best way to protect your blog.

But this is actually a bad idea and you will only waste your time with it.

That’s why Amira has created Legal Templates to use.

And you don’t even have to meet her in person.



legal template bundle

The Legal Templates Bundle  Starter includes 3 main templates + 9 great bonuses:

  • Privacy Policy Template
  • Disclaimer Template
  • Terms and Conditions Template

There is also a Premium Legal Bundle where you can get 6 legal templates + 13 bonus and the VIP Legal Bundle (this is the best ever) you get 16 legal templates + 16 bonus.

Privacy Policy Template

legal template bundle - privacy policy template

The first template she includes is the Privacy Policy template.

A Privacy Policy is a legal statement you need on your site that tells your visitors how you collect and use their personal information.

This document will seriously save you from any potential lawsuits!


privacy policy bonus

1. GDPR Visitor Rights Policy

2. GDPR Compliance/Email Marketing Policy

3. Cookie Policy

Disclaimer Template

legal template bundle - disclaimer template

Next in the bundle is the Disclaimer Template.

Disclaimer tells your viewers that what you post on your blog is just for informational and educational purposes.


disclaimer bonus

1. Earnings Disclaimer

2. Sponsored Posts Disclaimer

3. Testimonials And Product Reviews Disclaimer

Terms And Conditions Template

legal template bundle - terms and conditions template

The bundle includes also a Terms and Conditions Template.

Terms and conditions is so important to have on your site because it’s a legal contract between you and your visitors.


terms and conditions bonus

1. Lawful Use Of Your Website Clause

2. Third-Party Links Disclaimer

3. Mandatory Arbitration Clause

Get Comprehensive Legal Bundle Packages

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