By now there is no one that hasn’t heard about Tiktok, but did you know that this platform has taken over by people like you who want to earn money or having more sales/leads.

Is indeed still a lot of users who are teenagers, but these times there are more adults signing up to the platform,

Those who are creating content are seeing crazy views and some people are going viral literally overnight.

Here’s the thing… the same thing happened with Instagram just a few years ago.

People got interested in this app that was normally just for teenagers, but they thought the way to make money through Instagram was to get a lot of followers…

But now that we see Instagram as a full-blown marketing tool for business where you don’t actually need a lot of followers, I can see that more and more people are looking to TikTok – and they don’t want to wait years to figure out the platform and how to monetize it.

People want to jump on TikTok early so they can capitalize on all the interest today and start to make money from TikTok.

If this sounds like you and you’re interested in jumping on a platform early to figure out how to actually monetize your following, that’s what I’m covering today:

Six ways that I’m seeing people actually make money today from TikTok. 

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What is Tiktok?

TikTok encourages its users to upload short videos. Most of its former users simply uploaded videos of themselves lip-synching to music videos. The more talented, enthusiastic, and technically proficient members uploaded videos of original content, and it is these people who became the influencers on the platform.

Most TikTok videos are up to 15-seconds long, although you can create and share 60-second Stories-type videos.

Both the original TikTok and targeted the same audience – teens and tweens. Therefore, it is no surprise that the combined TikTok also focuses on 13-24-year-olds.

One thing that did change with the platform’s growth in popularity is that there is now more variety in the types of videos people share. They are no longer just music. Up and coming comedians performing stand-up routines, skateboarders showcasing their skills, pranksters, dancers, fashion buffs, budding beauticians, and craft fans, all take the chance to share videos demonstrating their talent. And now we are even seeing people sharing videos featuring them using their favorite products.

Of course, not all TikTok’s users have the confidence, bandwidth, or skills to create videos. Just as many of YouTube’s viewers are lurkers, merely looking for exciting content to consume, quite a few TikTokers also take a more passive attitude towards using the app.

Indeed, TikTokers don’t even need to follow anybody. They can simply open their app, go to their Discover page, and start playing videos that look like they’ll interest or entertaining. They can even search for videos on preferred topics by using relevant hashtags.

Over time, though, most TikTok users will come to like particular types of videos. They are likely to subscribe to channels that regularly share “their” types of video. Every TikToker has a profile page, and this highlights the videos they’ve uploaded.

6 Ways to Make Money on Tiktok

1. Flipping your Tiktok account

If you ever heard of building up a blog make it successful and then sell it to earn money is called Blog Flipping and this can be also used for the Tiktok account.

Similar to Instagram, you’re going to choose a niche and then go ahead and create entertaining content, ideally content that goes viral to attract that person who would be the ideal customer for your product.

There are already people in this space today who are growing TikTok profiles around a certain interest. Usually, it’s a niche topic and they might not have anything to sell, but they’re going to reach out to brands in that industry and sell their TikTok profile to them and people are legit making money this way.

The good news for product brands is once they have that account in their hands, it’s actually fairly easy to sell products.

One way that people are selling products is through TikTok Live. They are launching products while live streaming or they’re actually holding auctions while live streaming.

And, of course, there is the link in the bio where you can always drive your followers to purchase your product.

So if you’re the type of person to love TikTok, and you just want to grow a following around a certain topic and build that community around a certain topic, go for it and then reach out to those brands who would love to have access to those followers and sell them your account.

2. Donations

The second way people are making money from TikTok is going Live and collecting donations from viewers (just like you can do on other platforms, like Twitch). I find this feature of TikTok fascinating.

It’s really a built-in monetization platform, literally from day one.

From what I’ve seen, here’s how it works:

When you’re a TikTok user, you can go into your profile and purchase something called coins.

For a hundred coins it will cost you $1.39.

Now, what do you do with these coins?

When one of your favorite creators is going Live, you can actually send them coins as a way of giving thanks for all of their effort in creating the content they do.

What does the creator do with this coin?

The creator turns the coins into diamonds and those diamonds can be converted into cash via PayPal.

Cool, right?

My guess is this feature is going to come to accounts worldwide sooner rather than later.

3. Tiktok ads platform

The third way you can make money from TikTok is by using their ads platform.

Just like Facebook and Instagram ads, you can Google right now, “TikTok ads” and sign up for access to their ads platform.

It is pretty self-explanatory if you’ve ever run paid traffic before, so if your market’s on TikTok, it might be worth you creating a few ads, putting some budget toward experimenting there, and seeing what happens.

Maybe you can sell more of your products through TikTok!

4. Management services

The fifth way you can make money from TikTok is by offering management services for creators on the app.

Some creators on TikTok have millions of followers and sometimes this happens really fast and overnight for that creator. It’s like having a business land in their lap.

Tiktok profile of Charli D'Amelio with 14.4M followers.

You could step in and offer services to help them with their content strategy, their creative strategy, maybe managing offers and deals that come their way.

So if you have that background in production or storytelling, you could definitely apply that to offering management services to TikTok creators.

5. Sales and Leads

You can also make videos on Tiktok without your face, which means you can teach people how to earn money on their own.

The best teacher in this is Elise from The House of Brazen she literally when from 13 followers to 8000+ and also over 500k views in only 21 days and made lots of sales and leads for herself. How cool is that?

She made a little training about it, to let you know more about Tiktok Marketing.

What you’ll learn in the training:

  • My mindset going into the challenge
  • How I came up with content + what I recommend you to do
  • What worked, what didn’t + mistakes I made (A.K.A accidentally triggering a bunch of people )
  • Understanding analytics
  • Getting followers (it’s not that hard)
  • Handling comments (and not getting triggered by them)
  • Unexpectedly making a shit ton of sales
  • Things I don’t like about TikTok
  • My plan going forward

If you want to take part in it I definitely recommend taking a look at her course here.

6. Be an influencer on Tiktok

If you are an influencer Tiktok is also a good platform to show the products of your sponsors. It may be a bit different than the other platforms cause you have only 15 to 60 seconds to show of your video but I think as an influencer you could figure out how to promote the brand.

Be creative, use your imagination as you would do on Youtube or Instagram.

Now, this was the most used ways to earn money on Tiktok. It is almost on the early stage, but I think if you hurry you will get an opportunity to earn a decent amount.