If you just starting with blogging you might be curious how do bloggers make money while they blog.

How do bloggers earn money?

There are many options for how to earn money from your blog. If you are serious about it you can make a living from it and work from home (what you want to archive, right?). But don’t forget that this takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight you have to do the work. Once you figure out what is good for you and learn how you want to make money what you can earn there is no limit.

First, of course, you have to have your blog set up then is the time to think about what you could do to earn that passive income.

Don’t just read that income reports, take action and make that same income you desire. But don’t forget to get a self-hosted blog cause if you are on free hosting they never let you make your own money you will drive them with the traffic you could use for yourself if you have to host on one of the providers.

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Only value and trust makes monetizing possible

Now the most important thing to do is to provide value to your readers with the content you write. This means awesome content with valuable information to help your readers.

Never recommend a product you don’t trust or use and don’t use your blog as a big ad cause there are other platforms for. You want readers coming back not scare them away.

Your job is to create honestly content with the helpful information you provide to them. That’s how you build trust too!

For example, if your blogging niche is beauty and knows everything about it you wouldn’t want to promote anything related to pets or bring information about them cause that is not what you focus on.

And now really about making money

Monetizing means your blog will be the source of your income. And here are the ways you can use it for:

5 ways to create income from your blog

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Post
  • Ads
  • Digital Products
  • Own service/product

Never wait for becoming a big blogger, cause monetizing your blog can happen from day 1.

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t know about Affiliate Marketing yet let me explain:

There are a lot of companies where you can become an affiliate which means you will earn a commission promoting their product or service. You have to apply to become one.

Depending on what your blog post contains you could provide a link which will be your affiliate link and if someone clicks on that and purchase something you will get your commission.

Some companies pay you a recurring commission which you will receive each month.

Did you already look through your blog post where mention companies? Cause after you apply for there program you can implement those links.

Knowing more click here for the Affiliate Marketing Basics.

2. Sponsored Posts and becoming an influencer

Being an influencer means brands will pay you for making them sponsored posts, either on your blog, social media and even make videos on Youtube.

Dreaming about being the same girls as you see on Instagram who is traveling the world while they promoting some product and earn money? That could be you too just have to have some following behind you.

These day companies are not only interested in an influencer with the large following they also focusing on micro-influencers.

Who are Micro-influencers?

Micro-influencers are those people with a smaller social following around 1,000-20,000.

The reason why brands want to work with them is that the audience is more engaged and targeted. The audience of a Micro-influencer buys more which they recommend or using then a big celebrity is endorsing.

As a Micro-Influencer earning a living from smaller followers and getting paid for writing blog posts while they make some pics to upload it to Instagram and receiving free products.

One of the best programs to join is Linqia where you can find brands for paid sponsorship. But first, make sure your media kit is ready!

Start your Micro-Influencer journey

This is an excellent source to earn a living!

My friend Chelsea at HerPaperRoute knows everything about it cause she made a super course where you can learn how to become a Micro-Influencer: Of course, Paid To Post course includes much more.

3. Ads into your blog

Bloggers can earn passive income just to insert some ads into blog posts or page. But don’t take it too far!

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No more than 3 ads and must be related to your blogging niche, of course, this is about the banners you want to use. For example:

The #1 Writing Tool

This is a banner ad from Grammarly which I use and love it cause it helps me proofreading my blog posts and email. This ad fits my post and doesn’t require much space. There are more sizes which you can also use in your sidebar.

You receive banners via affiliate marketing programs you part of. You have to log in (ShareASale/FlexOffers/Awin) and find the ad then you have to copy and paste the code into your blog.

This is the type of ads when you receive a commission when someone buys through your banner.

But there is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising where you get paid when someone clicks on the ad and don’t have to purchase anything. To earn more is depending on your page views the more readers you have the more chance for clicks.

Google Adsense and Media.net is a great PPC network to starting with. You can join for free on both.

But when you over the 25,000 sessions a month you can apply for higher-paying ad program such as MediaVine.

4. Digital Products

There are so many digital products to offer for your readers. Here are some of them.

Create an Ebook

This is also a profitable source of income all you need to do to choose a topic which you are expert of and write it down in the form of a digital book.

Once you have written it you can put it up here on your blog (you can use Easy Downloads or Woocommerce plugins) or you can use Blurb, Sendowl, and Podia.

For creating your Ebook you can use Canva for free! Or another great tool is PicMonkey!

Need some help with creating your first ebook? Ana at TheSheApproach.com has created the Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp course to understand how you can start and develop your own bestseller ebook and make a passive income.

Teaching through Online Course

This is as same profitable as creating ebooks, cause you get paid even while you sleep. Is there something you good at and want to produce it in the form of an online course, then is this also a great choice to make.

Usually, you will make videos, but you can also write text too. See my list of courses you might interest in.

There are several platforms you can use to create and upload your course, here  are my most recommended top 3:

  1. Teachable
  2. Podia
  3. Thinkific

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5. Offer services or sell products

Are you a Graphic Designer? Or a Virtual Assistant? Make sure you have Work With Me page on your blog. With this, you could direct them to find you and hire you!

Or are you good at making products like handmade? Etsy will be your friend. Have you thought about having your store where you can Dropship?

Here comes Shopify handy, you don’t have to be an expert to set up your store but you can also hire me for doing the hard work for you!

You will get a responsive store with access to a lot of features and several payment options.

(click for more details)

Now this was a lot of info in one post

There are more ways to earn money from your blog but these are the most common ones. The answer to how many you can earn depends on you, promoting is the key to this.

If no one sees your affiliate links or what you can offer, you won’t make even a cent. That’s why you have to have a plan for how you will promote your content.

Have you ever heard of a social media marketing strategy? Social Media platforms are the best way to promote your blog.

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