You as a site owner should always measure your traffic at least once a month. But sometimes it could be difficult if you don’t understand how you should track your leads.

There are a lot of channels where your visitors can come to your site to visit. And that’s why you should look up to where they come from, you could see the traffic sources for specific pages, marketing campaigns, and also measure how people find your site.

In this post, I will show you how you can easily track your site traffic with the best WordPress plugin you can use for Google Analytics.

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Why should you track your leads?

There are so many benefits when you get to know the source of your traffic.

Let’ see some of them:

  • Better Understand Your Visitors – Tracking traffic sources can assist you with identifying your reader’s geographic area and which channels they use, so you can all the more likely get them and give focus on messages.
  • Measure Your Marketing Campaigns – If a campaign is worked around driving traffic then you can quantify its adequacy by following distinctive traffic sources.
  • Focusing on Channels for Best Results – By recognizing which channel is the best in getting readers to your site, you can focus on it more to improve results.
  • Find New Content Topics – People from various diverts may be keen on specific topics, so you can find new content by checking traffic resources for each page.
  • Recognize Traffic Gaps on Your Site – You can distinguish which channel doesn’t perform well in attracting readers, so you can advance it as depending on a single source can be hazardous for your site.

Use MonsterInsights for the better results for your traffic today!

And now is time to see where your traffic is coming from on your WordPress site.

How Can you Track your Visitor in WordPress

It could be overwhelming if you want to use Google Analytics. If you aren’t a tech guru then using difficult codes for setting up Google Analytics could be hard work. And also if you haven’t learned how to find the right report and get the data you will need something that will make your job easier.

That is why I recommend a much easier way of viewing your traffic sources in WordPress which is through MonsterInsights. It’s the best WordPress plugin for Google Analytics.

Working with MonsterInsight will make using Analytics very easy and you don’t have to hire a developer or someone who knows analytics. The plugin helps add Google Analytics to your website and presents reports insides your WordPress dashboard.

monsterinsights best wordpress plugin for google analytics

Now first before you begin you have to install MonsterInsights on your site, so you can see where your traffic is coming from. If you are done you can look at reports to track website traffic. Let’s see which ones.

Overview Report

To begin, go to Insights » Reports » Overview. Here you can see the overall performance of your site.

When scrolling down, you can see the Device Breakdown report that shows which device your visitors use to view your site.

Mobile Device Breakdown - MonsterInsights

The Overview report is also good if you want to view the Top 10 Countries that your users are from. Using this report, you can create campaigns, messages, and content according to different regions.

identify Countries That Bring in the Most Traffic

And the other you can see is the Top 10 Referrals report. This shows sites that send the most traffic to your site. You can form partnerships with these sites and continue to grow your traffic.

Search Console Report

Having a lot of organic traffic then it is good to know which keywords your site is ranked on. To find that out, MonsterInsights offers a Search Console Report.

You will see the Top 50 Google Search Terms for your site along with clicks, impressions, CTR (click-through-rate), and average position.

how to see where traffic is coming from google analytics

These are keywords that bring a lot of traffic, so you can do a keyword search and find similar search terms to optimize on your site. It will also help you to find new content ideas around these keywords to boost your organic traffic.

eCommerce Report

If you have an eCommerce store and want to know where your most converting traffic comes from, then the MonsterInsights eCommerce report can help you out.

This will show you the Top Conversion Sources. You can see which sites send traffic that converts to your online store. Since people arriving from these websites buy your products, you can offer exclusive discounts and deals to make more money.


Real-Time Report

And now let see the last report you can view for traffic stats which is the real-time report. It shows you where your visitors are coming from in real-time. You can see traffic from referral sources, countries, and cities that are currently on your WordPress site.

top countries and cities real time report

This report is useful to check site traffic if you’ve just launched a new product or a marketing campaign and want to see where visitors are coming from. And also if you want to promote something local.

And now more about leads you can track with MonsterInsights.

How to measure leads

Did you know how you can easily generate more sales from your email list? It’s simple because while you increase your email list size you can have more leads which will make that purchase.

One of the ways you can track leads is how many people download your lead magnet.

how to measure lead quality with download tracking

By tracking your leads you can use MonsterInsights Forms Add-on that will help you to track pre-sale query forms submission, but for this, you will also need to be installed WPForms.

And for more in-depth information you could also identify where your visitors are browsing.

One of the best ways you can target your qualified leads is by Onsite retargeting. For this, you can use OptinMonster that will show you personalized marketing campaigns like popups, slide-ins, and floating bar.

Now I hope you found this post useful and know by now how to use MonsterInsights to track your visitors and also how to measure them.

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