Are you still not using Tailwind for accelerating your Pinterest Traffic to your blog?

As you know Pinterest is one of the best platforms to help to get traffic to your blog because it uniquely doubles up as a powerful search engine tool.

Especially for new bloggers, while you are impatiently waiting for the SEO traffic to kick in, using Pinterest is one of the most effective ways of getting early traffic to your new blog

Tailwind is an approved auto-scheduler service for Pinterest. At a cost of $9/mo (an annual plan), not only you can schedule pins on autopilot, but it will also help you optimize your Pinterest strategy, accelerate your traffic growth while keeping up with the latest and greatest pinning practices.

If you are on the fence of whether Tailwind is a good investment for your online business, there is another reason that may tip you over the fence.

And for those of you who are already Tailwind members, you just got a lot more value for your money…

Introducing Tailwind SmartGuide…

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How to use Tailwind SmartGuide for Pinterest Traffic, so you are already up to date with the best Pinterest best practices. #pintereststrategy #pinterestmarketing

What is the Tailwind SmartGuide for Pinterest?

Tailwind SmartGuide helps users to improve their marketing results on Pinterest.

As the Pinterest algorithm changes all the time, this tool will keep up with the changes, so you can always have the most up to date Pinterest strategy.

It also encourages creating fresh, high-quality content. Fresh content means that you create a new image that has not been shared to Pinterest before. These are images for new blog posts, new pages, new product listings, and new images for existing posts, products, and pages. The goal of all this new content is to inspire Pinners to engage with, save, and click on your Pins. And you can also save time by batch scheduling those pins with Tailwind.

What’s really works on Pinterest is to create much fresh content as can! Users respond to new Pins and the algorithm loves them, so get ahead of the rest by adapting to these changes now. Tailwind is here to help with SmartGuide.

How will Tailwind SmartGuide Help Your Pinterest Traffic? 

Think of Tailwind SmartGuide as your personal Pinterest assistant.

It warns you when NOT to do something, and give you a “thumbs up” when you are doing something right. Moreover, it provides you with suggestions on how to improve for more Pinterest traffic.

To continue enhancing the user experience, Pinterest has a strict algorithm to penalize spammy pinning behaviors. 

Getting your Pinterest account suspended can be detrimental. Although you can get your account reactivated (for the most part), it is the BEST to avoid account suspension in the first place.

Thanks to Spam SafeGuard, a feature as part of Tailwind SmartGuide, it monitors the members pinning frequency.

With SmartGuide and Spam SafeGuard in place, it initially

  • Monitors your pinning behaviors, and alert you whether your pinning frequency can hurt your Pinterest traffic or even at the risk of getting your Pinterest account suspended.
  • Then it suggests the fixes based on the latest Pinterest best practices.

Over time, SmartGuide will:

  • Keep you up-to-date with the latest best practices on Pinterest (we’ll continue working closely with them as Partners!)
  • Provide easy, actionable recommendations on how to improve your strategy, maintain healthy Pinning habits and make the most out of your Pinterest activity.

The less spammy and more quality pins you produce, the better success you will have on Pinterest.

Tailwind SmartGuide In Action…

Based on the 2020 Pinterest best practices, Tailwind SmartGuide will give you a warning when:

  • You pin too many pins per day
  • Pin same pins to too many boards
Tailwind SmartGuide for PInterest traffic

When you are pinning within the best practices, the SmartGuide will give you an “All Clear” sign.

Tailwind SmartGuide for PInterest traffic

Are You Ready To Use Tailwind to Accelerate Your Pinterest Traffic?

I am really excited about the Tailwind SmartGuide feature for Pinterest traffic. This is a great addition to an already amazing tool to help implement your Pinterest strategy confidently and effectively.

If you are still on the fence? You can use my link below to try Tailwind for free (a $15 value)