As a first-time blogger who is starting out in the blogging world is maybe surprising and scary how much you have to invest. I know I’ve been there too!

Certain investments will help you to build your blog to a dream business. This will definitely benefit you!

So this post is about what the real cost is for starting a money-making blog and what are the common investments you have to make so you can build your empire.

This will be the year when you turn your passion into profits.

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Blogging investments you have to make

So you are decided you want to start your blog but you are not sure what the real costs are. The beginning was a little confusing for me too but I decided to research and after analyzing the real costs I can assure you it is very affordable for an average person.

I started this blog from little money and I can definitely say it was worth it! My family gave me the power to do something I really love and don’t spend hours on something hate and couldn’t have time with them.

That’s why I made a budget. Before I started my blog I only spend $140 for hosting and WordPress theme. That’s the only two things I spend until I wanted to learn more about blogging and Pinterest and I bought ebooks for only $40.

I don’t say it could be that less for you too, cause it depends on how many you will invest in your business. So that’s why this calculation in this post to see how many you have to pay for your blog and later business.

1. Hosting

The first thing you should have if you want to start a blog is hosting where you can host your blog. You can try for free but self-hosting is the best way you could monetize your blog.

And by the way, you can easily customize your blog and it will be your own which can’t be shut down.

So that’s why I recommend either Bluehost or Siteground where you can start your blog as little as $2.95 or $3.95


Bluehost – So if you go for this hosting the base price will be $2.95 (but only via my link) and if you are serious about blogging you will choose for hosting long terms which means 36 months or 60 months. But I recommend going for 36 months for the first time.

36 x $2.95 = $106 will be your hosting.

Siteground – As we know the base price is $3.95 here you can only choose for 36 months or less.

36 x $3.95 = $142.20 will be your hosting. I know you have to spend more on this hosting but compare each hosting and decide that way.

2. Domain

Now the second most essential thing is to have is a domain name for your blog. This will be your brand and the name who will recognize as you.

Think about it wisely so you don’t have to spend more dollars on another domain later. This post can help you with choosing your perfect name.

Investing in a domain is a pretty small investment. You can find domains for only $8.88/1st year at Namecheap.

It’s pretty cheap and you have only renewed it each year (it will be a mostly higher price than the first year, bust read the terms first. Mine was only $13/year). Optionally, you can add on domain name protection which keeps your information private when people look up who owns the domain.


If you go for a .com domain name it will be $8.88 the first year after that $10.88.

Now because you always have to pay a small fee for ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) the price is a bit higher but not that much only with 18 cents.

So you only pay $9.06 for the first year.

3. WordPress theme

To make your blog look professional and beautiful you have to purchase a premium WordPress theme. But don’t worry you have to spend big money.

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There are two sites where you can search for themes for only $50 or less Creative Market or Etsy will be your good friends.

But if you can afford for more I recommend Bluchic their themes are for $79.

I can’t calculate this cause this is up to you which you will choose.

4. Email Service Provider

I think you need to start building your email list right before your blog going live. You only need is a Coming Soon page and insert an opt-in where you can collect emails (I did the same before the launch of my blog).

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If you are a really savvy person Mailerlite will be your number one email service provider you can use it for free until 1000 subscribers and after that, you can start from $10/month or $84/year. I use Mailerlite too and I’m not disappointed at all. It is really easy to use!

But there is another powerful service you can rely on is Convertkit this is the other provider which bloggers most use. You have to pay right away $29/month but you get 14 days free trial.

This is also depending on your choice!

Now, this was the investment that you need to build a blog from scratch, but there are more essentials to invest in if you really want to build a business! But before that let see what you will pay for this in total.

Calculating the whole investment: Bluehost hosting 36 months + Domain Name 1 year + Bluchic WordPress Theme + Mailerlite Email Service Provider Annual = $278 this will be the only price you will have to pay for this.

More blogging investment you will want to make

So as in any business, there are much more to invest for, that’s why I have this list made for you which I think you might find useful to build your blog and fempire!

1. Tailwind

I really love Tailwind I use it for Pinterest (you can use it for Instagram too). While Pinterest is my number 1 traffic source, I can’t always pin manually my pins that is when Tailwind comes handy.

Tailwind is helping me with putting my Pinterest account on autopilot. I just work on it a couple of hours to fill up a queue of pins I want to share. And it only takes twice my time in a month.

Besides all of this, I can access to another traffic source I can tap into – Tailwind Tribes & Tailwind Smart loop.

Both of these are features that come with Tailwind that allow you to share your pins with people in groups and loop your content over and over again. And these features have given me an extra boost in traffic every month.

So your investment will be $15/month but your first month is on me if you use my link. Get your first month for free here

2. Stock Photo

You might see most bloggers are visualizing their content with photos, these are mostly stock photos from free sites or using membership sites. I use them as well.

If you want to start with free stock photos for the beginning I recommend the only thing you have to do is include the author.

But if you are more likely to have feminine stock photos you can use for your brand I recommend to be a member of one of the sites with memberships. Ivory Mix or Styled Stock Society is one of them. Of course, they offer free stock photos each month too. For Ivory Mix go here and for SSS go here.

Your investment: Ivory Mix memberships are from $42/quarter or $120/year or SSS $75/quarter, $225/year or there is a lifetime price which is $495

4. Pinterest Template

If you’re not a pro designer but you want to be seen on Pinterest, you have to invest in a Pinterest template.

Templates help you create beautiful pins for Pinterest by allowing you to change the photos, fonts, and text to match your branding. Whether you use Canva, Photoshop, or something else, you can definitely find Pinterest templates for whichever program you want to use.

You find some in my Shop or choose this or this.

4. Learning from Ebook and/or from Courses

You can learn everything for free but when you don’t have the time to wait and research things by yourself you have to invest in ebook or courses.

That way you can short time and learn from experts who have packed everything in one place for you!

If you want to learn about Pinterest, this ebook will help you with everything you have to know so you can implant the information right away. But are you planning to get paid pinning on Pinterest? Then this useful ebook will be your best friend!

Are you more kind into courses and want to learn how to become a boss blogger? Then become one with this course

So your total essential costs will be: Tailwind $15 + Ivory Mix $42 + Pinterest Templates $18 + Pinterest ebooks $35 and $25 + Blogging Course $99 = $234

Spending in total everything included – $512 the very first time you begin.

Question time: If you haven’t started yet what was your expectation how much it will cost you? Or if you are a blogger how much did you already invest in your blog?