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Email Marketing Planner


A 28-pages Email Marketing Planner with a little workbook style to make your work easier!



Email marketing is NOT hard, you just need the right tools and knowledge, and I am here to help you through the beginning of your journey.

By handing you the right email marketing resources, I am simplifying this process for you like NO other.

This planner is ideal for someone who is just getting started but feels a bit lost, confused, and really unsure about how to approach this whole “email marketing” thing!

It is also ideal for someone who has been doing email marketing but feels like they are not getting the results that they absolutely deserve or just need to strategize, plan, and streamline their processes better.

The email marketing made easy planner & workbook is designed to simplify the process and your beginning journey of Email Marketing

  • I walk you through a simple welcome sequence to get you started on the right foot. I go in detail into what each email of your welcome sequence needs and help you really tap into your business goals by crafting out a welcome sequence that will yield results
  • Give you a 2-page email planner. I go really in-depth here! These planning worksheets are designed to help you craft out the perfect email that will yield results.
  • I got you covered with in-depth checklists: Before you click “send” checklist
  • The ultimate freebie opt-in checklist (bonus – list of freebie/opt-in ideas)
  • You get a newsletter planner worksheet for you to quickly jot down your newsletter idea for the week
  • A lead magnet/freebie planner to help you craft out the perfect opt-in freebie for your audience so that you get the RIGHT subscribers on your list.
  • Planning sheets to track email results, conversion rates as well as an in-depth explanation of what your conversion rate is and how it is worked out.


1 x A4 PDF of the Email Marketing planner
1 x Resources I use for my Business

You can download immediately after purchase and can use it only for personal use. Don’t sell, recreate or don’t claim as your own.


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