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Pinterest Planner


This one-of-a-kind Pinterest Planner contains everything you need to revamp, grow, and maintain your Pinterest account so you can effectively promote your business.



This Pinterest Marketing Planner is for a variety of users: Sellers, bloggers, freelancers, designers, online business owners, small business owners, and so much more!

Each and every page of the planner is specially designed to help you make your traffic goals happen, live stress-free, and keep you and your business productive.

You’ll notice that the planners are designed to look elegant and to function beautifully with enough space for hole punching on either side.

The beautiful thing about printables? You can use them again and again! Print them off at home, at a print shop, onto recycled paper, fancy paper…whatever you like!

1 – Cover Page

2 – Pinterest Goals

Here, you’ll have a chance to write down your craziest and most exciting goals. When you’re working through your Pinterest strategy and begin to reach milestones, revisit this page, and get the satisfaction of checking off the goals you’ve completed!

3 – Pinterest Account Set-Up

Optimize your Pinterest account by working through this worksheet. You’ll develop your Pinterest name, your bio, and your main keywords for your accounts to better your chances of getting found through Pinterest searches.

4 – Board Types (4 pages)

There are certain types of boards that all business owners should have in their Pinterest account. Work through each exercise to develop each board type, it’s a keyword-rich name, it’s the description, and what type of pins you will include in each one. Organizing each board will help the process of cleaning up your Pinterest account and having relatable and optimal content to pin.

5 – Board Clean-Up

During this exercise, you will go through each of your personal or current boards and decide whether or not you should keep them or make them secret.

6 – Creating Pins + vIDEO PINS PLANNER

As you design your pins for your business promotion, work through this worksheet to become one step closer to having a viral pin. You’ll be able to design your pin directly on the sheet along with its URL, description, and hashtags.

7 – Creating Pins

The second-part of Creating Pins is developing multiple designs to promote one piece of content or one product. You’ll be able to design multiple pins on paper.

8 – Pin Planner

Determine which pin will be posted on which board and at what date you will publish it. Keeping all of your pins in one central place is a great way to stay organized so you don’t re-pin your content over-and-over and spam your followers.

9 – Manual Pinning Schedule

If you plan to manually pin your content, this schedule will give you the ability to check off the number of pins easily and hassle-free. No more guessing! It’s also a great way to make sure you’re not pinning your own content more than you’re pinning other’s content.

10 – Group Board Schedule

If you pin too much or unrelated pins, you could risk being kicked off which hurts your chances of being seen by thousands of Pinterest users! We make it easier for you to keep up with all of your group board’s rules and track when you’ve pinned to each board.

11 – Stats

As you continue with your Pinterest Marketing Strategy, continue to review and record your stats so you can better track your progress!

12 – Tailwind Planner (Find a Tribe)

If you have Tailwind, you’ll be able to keep track of the Tribes you’ve applied to and which ones you’ve been accepted to all in one place!

13 – Tailwind Tribes

Similar to the Manual Pinning Schedule, keep track of the number of pins you post on each of your Tribes, and how many pins you re-pin of other people’s content!

14 – Tailwind Planner (Scheduled Pins)

One of the best features of Tailwind is your ability to schedule pins and forget about it. However, it can be difficult to gauge when your queue is going to become empty (which is something you don’t want!) On this worksheet, indicate on the calendar how many pins you’ve scheduled on a specific date and how many pins are in your queue. You’ll be able to indicate which date you need to revisit Tailwind to put more pins into your queue by shading in a star.


+ PDF – Pinterest Planner in A4 size (18 Pages)
+ You will also get my favorite resources I used to create my Pinterest success!


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