There are several reasons why you have to get your self-hosted blog, but before that, you need to know what self-hosting is.

I will explain everything you need to know!

What is self-hosting actually?

Self-hosting is when you own your blog and don’t have to worry about if your hosting gets shot down. This is the way when you go for free, you don’t pay for hosting but you lose a lot of money while you decide to get Wix, Tumblr or any other who has a free option.

When you choose for self-hosting

You will get hosting at Bluehost or others you choose and they will give you access to host your WordPress blog so it is viewed online.

You have unlimited opportunities when you purchase hosting at one of them, for example, if you plan to monetize your blog self-hosting is a must.


What is a non-self hosting?

Is a hosting you not have to pay for you just get it for free. While this decision is up to you I still not recommend to go for free. It is not professional and you can’t make a business with it.

Reasons why you have to go for self-hosting

1. Full control over your blog

The first most important if you become a blogger when you pay for a company to host your blog is to have full control over it.

You have multiple options if you choose self-host, installing plugins, you can have your own ads and you can customize your theme. It doesn’t matter which niche you have or website you create your choice is how it looks.

Free hosting is only good when you start out and want to practice and how it feels to have a platform where you can write on. But you can never have your own domain name and there is a risk that free platform providers remove your content.

So let that be your first investment in your business to able to build and grow. Go check out which one of these hosts are suitable for you.

2. Be able to create the look

If you not on self-hosted you can’t choose how your blog will look like. Of course, there are lots of free themes for WordPress, but they are not:

  1. Professional
  2. Not customizable
  3. If you want more features you have to still buy the pro version

Where can you find themes?

First, you start by searching on where there are many free and premium themes. The first time you can go for the free theme where you can see how it looks on your blog,(of course, there is an option for live preview) but later you will have to choose for the paid version cause it will be yours as you customize it.

Or you can purchase one of these premium themes. And if you have some idea how you want your theme looks like and be unique just hire a designer.

3. Have access to unlimited plugins

Now most of them are free to use but of course, some of them offer some pro version to allow more features.

See a list of my most recommended WordPress plugins to use after installing.

The function of these is to let you improve your blog with the key plugins. And if you are not self-hosted you can experience this. This is sort of visual look to make your blog more useful to your readers.

You can use a plugin to build your email list, optimize your SEO and have a sharing button on your posts or pages. But if you go for free hosting this is not allowed and by this you lose followers, sales, subscribers and you can guess you will missing traffic too.

4. Be professional

Like I mentioned before it is important to look and be professional, what I mean by this is that not only your blog has to be built with a premium theme, but you have to have your own domain name this is the URL link of your website. If you go get your hosting at Bluehost you get it for free! (Only for the first year)

For example, my domain name is With free hosting platforms, you can’t have your own domain cause they will ask you to only type in some subdomain. A subdomain is

By this means brands who you want to work with will see that you are only a hobby blogger and looks unprofessional. This is how you get the chance of being taken seriously.

5. Monetizing

On most free hosting platform monetizing your blog is limited or not allowed at all. Often they display ads for their own good and you can’t do anything about that cause you have no control.

Don’t do the hard work for nothing cause let’s be honest the main reason is to earn from your blog. (Yes it is possible!) And if you have some income from your blog you can re-invest so you can become a full-time blogger and spend more on what you desire, travel or just be more with your family.

6. Seo benefits

Seo is really important to use for every blog post you made to able to grow your blog. With an SEO strategy, you can put your blog in front of Google results so readers can easily find you.

If you don’t already know about SEO read this post to know more.

This is how you optimize your content for search engines. Google will trust you more with a custom domain than with free hosting. They put self-hosted website much higher cause it seems to have more valuable content.

By the way, Bluehost has his own built-in SEO features that will help you to get discovered!