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Summer Sale at HerPaperRoute.com

Starting Aug 18 until Aug 24th, my readers can get $20 off any HerPaperRoute course or ebook with coupon code SUMMER20

Here are the course and ebooks you can choose from:

Monetize your blog course - Be your own blog boss

The best blogging course to become a succesful blogger. This is a complete blog to biz roadmap.

Pinterest Marketing Course

Discover how to use Pinterest as a slick marketing tool to rapidly grow your business and blog.

Monetize your following - Social Media Marketing Course

To cultivate a big compact and make money from social media.

Monetize your list - Email Marketing & List Building Course

With this course you can grow, nurture and monetize your email list & turn you into a pro email marketer.

Blog Flipping Course

A blog flipping bootcamp where you learn how to create, run, market, monetize and sell your blog for profit.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

An ebook with helpful tips for beginners who want to learn about affiliate marketing.

Pricing Your Products Like a Aavvy Marketer

This is a how to guide to help you with pricing your products strategically so you can charge higher and sell more.

Traffic on Autopilot - Automation and SEO Ebook

How to train your website to run your business for you.

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New Ebook About Side Hustle

My friend Angela from Straycurls.com has released a new ebook about side hustle. Which I was able to read myself and had an awesome expierence while reading it cause you can read all about how you can earn money online.

Here is what you could get and what this is all about

This eBook is a big, fat, meaty guide that will help anyone build a profitable side hustle online. Meaning, it discusses all the different types of online side businesses, like content creation, selling digital products and services. And then goes on to elaborate how this can be done using a Blog.

After this, she talks about how you can calculate profitability and feasibility for each type of online business, while simultaneously evaluating your market and competition in order to stand out from the norm.

It includes step-by-step tutorials and tips on selling digital products, gaining clients and so on. She also discuss how to integrate several monetization strategies at once.

The eBook also has chapters on email marketing, creating sales funnels and marketing the Blog in the future to help you grow the Business after you done starting it.

Not to mention, that it comes with 3 Bonuses – A list of digital products that you can create and sell on your website, case studies of successful online business owners who have built everything from scratch and a guide on setting up tripwires.

This 270+ page (not including the Bonuses) eBook is an extremely valuable resource for anyone who wants to actually build a successful Online Business and not just a Blog.

It’s a roadmap. Meaning, if you follow the exact steps, you can easily start earning $1K via Blogging within 3-6 months. No questions asked.

And now about the deal from today August 19th until August 25th you could get the book for 30% off the regular price which is $49.

But the best part is if you buy the book you get the Business Plan for free until the sale ends.

You also want to grow your blog and business then The Business Bundle is made for you. You will get the ebook mentioned above with the ebook about blog and holiday traffic, business plan and blog planner. And also a great deal on this that you could get this whole bundle for only $49 which is 50% off of the regular price. No code needed in either way.

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Want a new theme for your blog?

Bluchic will host a Back To School Flash Sale from August 28 until September 2. For more information come back later!

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