There are so many blog posts online about how to start a blog that maybe you could not choose which one to read.

But what about the hosting they recommend? Is it reliable and could you rely on customer service?

I would like to dedicate this post to a hosting provider where you could get your hosting almost for free and how you could start your blog if you haven’t yet! This is an easy guide for how you can start even today!

This post contains affiliate links!

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Tips on how to start your profitable blog and start making money

Starting a blog is the best thing you could do nowadays. It’s really popular when it comes to making money at home and you don’t have to be afraid that you are late and can’t have a slice of the pie.

Benefits of having a blog

Whether you own a small business, an online shop, or just simply feel like doing something new blogging can bring lots of benefits:

1. Personal growth. Many people are starting a blog because they want to express their ideas and deepen their knowledge. A well-established blog can be a showcase of your skills and expertise.

2. More people will know about your brand. No matter if what business you run big or small spreading brand awareness is going to be an important part of the journey. With the right execution, your blog can take your business to new heights.

3. Blogs have become a user acquisition platform. When it comes to attracting new readers, many acquisition channels, require you to invest a lot of money (like Google Ads). While growing a blog takes time, once the traffic starts to kick off, you will have a solid platform that can drive new sales and improve conversions.

4. Increased visibility in search engines. Blogging is the best way to get organic traffic. Remember, maintaining a steady flow of traffic is a vital part of any online project!

Though it requires dedication, patience, time, and proper preparation. But the very fact that you want to start a blog you are on the right path!

In this post, I want to cover everything you need to know how to start a money-making blog and how to grow.

The 9 easy steps you should make to begin your blogging journey

Back in 2013, I made lots of mistakes when I started blogging. I had a free hosting with a free domain and also a free WordPress theme.

That was a really bad idea, I couldn’t even grow my blog and I wrote about each and everything as a lifestyle blogger. So I started everything over from scratch.

Step 1: Have a niche and brainstorm

Before you start a blog you have to know what you want to blog about, who your target audience is, what your blog name will be, and also important to have blogging goals.

Decide the following before you start your blog

Blog purpose is also an important thing to think about, cause you want to know about what the blog does for you and why is it worth your time.

But the first to think about is what your topic will be, are you most into fashion, or beauty then you have to start a fashion or beauty blog. And of course, you have to choose a name you won’t regret.

After this, you have to search for your target audience. If you start a fashion blog you have easy work cause you know you will write for people who are interested in fashion-related posts.

Now, look up for your blogging goals like how this blog will change your life. Are you want to turn it into business later? And if so how much do you want to earn with it in 2 years? There are many questions you could answer and set goals for your blog.

Looking for a cheap domain name?

Step 2: Choose a good hosting

Always go for self-hosting

Never choose for free hosting cause you will look unprofessional and readers will not going to trust you. Self-hosting blogs can make money and own their blog. You can’t grow your free blog and will not have enough traffic, you will be inpatient and will lose your time.

Choose Hostinger for starting your blog

I recommend trying Hostinger for your blogging journey because quick, efficient, cost-effective, and reliable.

They have also 24/7 customer support and give you 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your hosting.

And the best all of these benefits is that you could get a free domain if you choose a premium or business plan and when you get your plan for 12 months. And longer the subscription period is the lower the price will be.

Step-by-Step how to start on Hostinger

Now, since this is a step-by-step tutorial, click here to go to Hostinger and I will guide you through the whole process of starting your blog.

You will see this:

Homepage of Hostinger

Click on the GET STARTED NOW button.

Choose your hosting plan

If you just starting I recommend choosing the Single Plan and when you need more space later you could always upgrade your plan to a bigger one. If you will have the Single Plan you can get your domain for $8.99

Hostinger hosting plans

Package information

After you have chosen your plan you will see your order summary.

Hostinger order summary

After you have chosen your subscription month and all the features you want to include in your plan, click on checkout now. Since you don’t have an account yet, you have to sign up. Fill in the form or sign up with one social account.

Hostinger sign up

You can pay with all the major debit/credit card providers, PayPal, and also crypto coins.

Congrats! You have just purchased your hosting and domain. And you have finished the first step to building your blog.

Install WordPress

Once you have received all your login details via email go to Cpanel and install WordPress.

Hostinger Cpanel

Once again the benefits why it is worth the try. Unlock an Impactful Web Presence!

  • High-quality web hosting.
  • All the tools to get you noticed online
  • Powerful, user-friendly control panel.
  • 24/7 dedicated live-chat customer support.
  • Easy-to-use website builder.
  • Free website transfer. We’ll help you through it!
  • Truly unlimited hosting.
  • Professional tools that will help get your website to the top and keep it there

Web Hosting with Serious Power. Amazing Prices for a Cutting Edge

  • VPS and CMS hosting.
  • Unlimited bandwidth & SSD space.
  • Free & Premium SSL certificate.
  • Full Root Access & IPv6 Support.
  • Multiple PHP versions.
  • Daily backups (cloud, VPS), weekly backups (shared).
  • Easy website builder.
  • Powerful yet easy to use custom panel (hPanel).
  • 1 click installer.
  • The greatest multilingual Customer Success team, available 24/7.
    Receive help in minutes.

Hostinger Limited Sale

Step 3. Choose the best WordPress theme

Once you have installed WordPress go to Appearance -> Themes and search for a free theme if you like, but I recommend purchasing your theme and upload it.

There are so many beautiful feminine WordPress themes out there. And Bluchic is one of them!

I have customized most of my pages and posts with Elementor, but my current theme is Maggie from Bluchic.

Step 4. Install must-have plugins

WPForms – With Wpforms you could create forms easily and effortlessly, there is no need to be a tech guru nor need to paste codes, just simple drag-and-drop and you have your own made forms on your WordPress blog.

Yoast SEO – For Google and other websites to find you better, SEO is a treasure in disguise. And this is by far my favorite plugin because it has gained me a lot of blog traffic!

Akismet –  You’re going to be getting a lot of spam comments as a newbie blogger. Akismet makes sure that this doesn’t happen. It kicks all the spam comments in the trash.

Social Warfare – See those share buttons at the top of my posts and left when you scroll? I use buttons from Social Warfare which you can customize easily. And there is also a Click to Tweet feature included!

Over time, you will find more plugins that will suit your needs.

Step 5. Necessary Pages

1. Homepage

Make sure your Homepage describes the most about your blog. Create a unique, pretty, and relevant homepage.

I have made mine with Elementor drag-and-drop builder which is easy to use and you could create your dream of Homepage.

2. About page

It is not enough if you only make an about section in your sidebar. After seeing your homepage people will be curious and want to know more about you and your blog, what you can offer them.

You could always change your About page and insert more information if you like. Cause this is for the most important page on your blog.

3. Contact Page

If your readers getting to know you and like you, they want to write you little notes. Also, Companies and Brands will contact you through that.

Have your Contact page visible so they can find it easy!

4. Legal page

You always need a page where you include the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms of Conditions. Here is a great Legal Bundle for your blog to use!

Step 6. Publish only quality content

A newbie blogger always thinks that quantity is important than quality. You don’t have to write lots of posts in the first place.

This is my 20th post, but as you can see I’ve taken the time to make it detailed enough and very long.

Blogging is hard work, but it will pay off eventually. And the benefits you reap from a long and helpful blog post is 10 times more than a short blog post with no aim.

Your blog posts need to be detailed.

Every blog post you write must have a purpose.

It must solve a problem for your readers and to become an expert in your niche, you need to show that you care. This means that you need to write content that will have your readers sticking around for more.

Writing viral blog posts is super easy.

By constantly writing content that clicks with one type of audience, you become an expert and you will make a lot of sales and commissions because you will have built trust.

Don’t know what to write make sure you get to know more about done-for-you content.

Step 7. Email Marketing

email marketing

I use Mailerlite for my email list. But I also recommend to check out Flodesk!

Collecting emails is important because once you have a huge list of emails, you can send your followers newsletters every week.

These newsletters can include your products, services, helpful information, and links to your latest blog posts. This not only establishes you as an expert but also helps you build a strong connection with people who love your Blog.

These followers eventually become your customers because they love you and your products.

And when your readers keep coming back to your blog for more resources and helpful information, your page views increase – giving you a chance to get more sponsored post deals, and increasing your ad and affiliate revenue.

If you want to grow your list and start making sales on autopilot without the hassle of tech struggles, The Bluchic Landing Page Templates Bundle is everything you need to create a high-converting landing page in no time at all! Stop putting off that sales funnel. Take your business to the next level with these easy to use templates for WordPress.

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Step 8. Promote your content

1. Social Media

You can’t sit and just wait for your readers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

When you are starting you will not get very good traffic. The key is to be patient and keep promoting on all your social media. Pinterest is responsible for almost 80% of my blogging traffic and brings me tons of views.

But only promoting your content with some text isn’t enough, so you have to make some graphics that stand out and make attention. To do so you can use Canva yourself and figure out some great graphics yourself or you can choose for premade templates that are easy to customize.

The Canva Social Media Templates by Bluchic will drive social media traffic back to your website and email list without the need to pay for a graphic designer or spend hours (that you don’t have!) creating share-worthy images for Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, and Pinterest. Get more eyes on your content at a fraction of the price!

2. Blogging communities

Join FB Groups, Pinterest Groups so you can be a part of a community where you can share your content.

It’s also great for giving help and advice to others and could make long-time blogging friends.

But do not spam in either community unless there is a thread. By constantly participating in group threads and helping others in your niche, you will be building your online brand identity.

3. Comment on other blogs

Whenever you like a blog post and find it valuable – don’t just leave. Just write a comment.

Not only does this help you build relationships with bloggers, but it also makes you visible on the Blogging Map.

Comment on at least 3-4 blog posts every single day. This will help you get noticed in the blogging community. Make sure your comments are detailed and well-thought of.

Step 9. Monetizing your blog

I think this is the goal everyone wants to achieve when everything is set up the right way. But this should not be your priority. Just connect with people, write your content, and make a name for yourself.

For the first couple of months don’t focus too much on making money. Just write quality content, get much traffic as possible.

Want to know how to grow your traffic check out this bundle:

blogging bundle
(Click for more detail)

There are different monetizing options you can try out. I recommend trying affiliate marketing first.

10. Protect your blog

Are you blogging legal? It is really important to have your blog protected especially if you blog as a business.

If you have the Legal Bundle Package you will protect your blog in each way. You will get the must-have templates for your blog to use and to save your time.

Want to know more about how you can protect your blog? Read this!

+ More options to make your blogging business more successful in 2020

  1. To make your blogging and social media graphics more stunning you have lots of stock photos to never run out.
  2. Are you running a shop or have a client-based service then you need great software for making beautiful and easy made invoices. With Freshbooks, you could make them easy and in no time!
  3. Always running out of content and don’t know what to write? PLR’s  (or in other name done-for-you-content) are your friend you could use them to customize it and make it your own for your blog in your voice. Look for PLR’s here.
  4. SEO was always an important thing for bloggers, but now in 2020, it is more important than you think so I recommend checking LongTail out to find profitable keywords for your blog. And here is an ebook to read to learn more!


This was a long post I know and you could easily become overwhelmed. Therefore, make sure you bookmark this or just pin this for later and you can come back always to read it.

I want you to know that anyone can start a blog and make money from it, but the secret to a successful blog is to never stop trying.

The key is to be consistent!

Sometimes, you might not achieve all the results you want to immediately. Sometimes, you will feel like crying because you will feel like you’re getting nowhere.

Even so, never let it bring you down. Remember, nobody became a super blogger in one day. It takes months (even years) of practice and consistency to reach the top.

If you’ve just created a blog, type the link below in the comment section. What are you blogging about? I’d love to know!

And if this post helped you learn something new, please share it with the world.

Also, make sure you read more about which resources I used to make my blog profitable!