Finding a dropshipping wholesaler is one of the very best forms of a business model for those looking to make easy money.

Essentially, dropshipping means that you are selling products and then passing on the details of those sales to wholesalers. They then ship the items out to the people who bought them through you and you share the profit.

This is a nearly flawless system because it means you don’t need to worry about storing the products, about fulfillment, or about manufacturing. There’s not even an up‐front investment! At the same time though, the company you’re selling your items through will remain quiet and unseen and you’ll get all the credit for selling the items through your store.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing that can go wrong. And it doesn’t mean you should abandon all caution. Here are some tips that will help you ensure your new business venture goes smoothly…

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Be Wary of Fake Dropshipping Businesses

There are some companies out there posing as dropshipping companies that aren’t the real deal. These companies will often buy the products from wholesalers and then drop ship them to you! That means that you’re paying an inflated price which will hurt your bottom line as well as your turnover.

One thing to be careful of is companies that also sell to the general public. Another warning sign is that the company is asking for a recurring monthly fee. Real companies don’t do this!

Know What to Expect

That said, you may still have to jump through some hoops when setting up with a legitimate partner. One issue is that they might require proof that you’re a reseller – otherwise, they might be worried you’re just a commercial customer looking for the best possible deal.

Something else they might require is a minimum preorder. This is to avoid time‐wasting companies that will do a lot of talking but then never pass on any significant business. This isn’t great if you’re trying to avoid upfront investment but it may be a necessary evil. To avoid having lots of inventory lying around though, ask them if they can use it to set up some credit with their store.

Check the Quality

Never sell products from your site blind! Not only will your customers be unhappy but it can also damage your reputation and prevent them from buying from you again in the future. Always ask to see at least one example of the product first that you can check over and speak to a representative about what quality control measures they have in place to avoid problems!

Choose the Right Product

Of course, it’s also rather important that you buy the right stock! This will vary depending on your industry of course but a good place to start is by looking for something that solves a simple and concise problem that your customers have. This will be easy for you to communicate and explain, which makes it an ideal place to start if you’re opening up a new store!

Need more knowledge about dropshipping?

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What to do next?

If you feel after taking my course or read my ebook was helpful I recommend implementing the knowledge you already know.

And by doing this of course you have some tasks to do.

Step 1.

Do some research, and make sure to pick a popular niche. And don’t sell everything to everyone, cause a store is the same thing as with blogging you have to have a target audience to sell.

Step 2.

Build your store. It could be on Shopify or you can have a Woocommerce store.

With Shopify, you could use the Oberlo app which is free to use and ready to sell right away.
With Woocemmerce there is a plugin called Alidropship which is not free but has a lot more features.

Don’t have time building your store just want profits?

That’s ok, you could have a complete dropshipping store you could use immediately.

Step 3.

If you have your store make sure you have at least Instagram and Pinterest business accounts for your store, where you can promote your products. You could manage more accounts but I recommend these two to start with.

A great tool to schedule your pins and Instagram pics is Tailwind where you will see results after a few months. Not only bloggers but business owners swear by that this tool helps them out.

Step 4.

Never forget to promote your store on every single platform! This is the key to get to know your store by your future customers.

Step 5.

As with bloggers and other business owners, an online store owner has also keep focusing on building their email list. There you could send your subscribers offers from your store.

A good start of building your mailing list is by giving away coupon code.

Want a good email service provider?

I recommend using Mailerlite it is free until 1000 subscribers and only from $10/mo after.

Are you planning to open a dropshipping store?