In this post, I collected sites where you can find free styled stock photos.

Styled stock photos are a great resource for bloggers and biz owners who want beautiful visual content for their brand, but don’t have the creativity or time and resources to do it their own.

You have many places to use photos, like for your blog, Pinterest graphics, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Twitter, your email, and much more. It’s a lot of work and exhausting!

While I don’t have the time and the best resources for taking my photos I like to use styled stock photos that fit my blog’s brand.

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So why do you need styled stock photos?

Styled stock photos are perfect for getting the look you want on your blog while you saving time and energy. The benefits of styled stock photos are the following…

  1. You can make every of your blog post, social media content, social media graphics, ebooks, etc. looking professional.
  2. Making your content instantly recognizable.
  3. Save time while you don’t have to worry about creating visual content and focus on other things.

Paid Vs. Free

I made this list to show you the free photos you can use to your blog or social media! However, most of these freebies are coming from websites that sell premium styled stock photos, either individually or through membership.

So I wanted to round up my favorites paid styled stock photo sites first which I like to use for my blog and brand.

If you are serious about building your fempire, I would recommend investing in a paid stock photo membership. You canáőá access to more than a hundred photos that are constantly updated.

And here are my top three recommended sites:

IvoryMixHere you can find thousands of expressive photos for your branding stuff. Get access to 2700+ photos right after becoming a member and receive 100+ each month.

For the VIP membership, you have to wait for a certain time that’s why I recommend joining the list to know when it will be available cause it is worth the upgrade as you see there is more option you will get.

PixistockAnother beautifully styled stock membership that I highly recommend. The library has 1500+ photos which include Canva templates and Instagram quote graphics. And there are 75-100+ new photos each month.

Styled Stock SocietyYou get a gorgeous mix of photos that are perfect for bloggers and business owners as the other two mentioned above. You will get over 2000+ photos and each month are new images added.

Are you ready for free photos?

I know there are so many free photos out there on the internet but they are not professional and are very boring. In this round-up, you will only find sites where you can find free photos for female bloggers and business owners.

Styled Stock SocietyYou’ll get clean and feminine styled stock photos from this subscription site. I like to use them for my blog graphics. After you sign up for Elle’s newsletter you will get 10 free photos.


PixistockAlicia gives you pretty, feminine images and you will just get enough of it. When you sign up for her email list you will get freebies monthly.


Haute StockThis subscription site is worth the try also if you decide to get free photos before becoming a member. Rachel brings high quality and gorgeous feminine photos which are my one of the favorites. If you sign up for her newsletter you not only get instant access to free photos but each month.


IvoryMixThe only one subscription site where you get access to 550+ free images right after subscribing to Karla’s email list. That’s a lot of photos for your blog and social media.


SC Stockshop: This is the site where you get chic feminine stock photos which are great to use for your blog or business. Sign up to the newsletter and you will get 20 photos and free photos monthly.


Girl Boss Stock: You get 10 free photos when you sign up for Meghan’s email list and the first of every month. Mostly for lifestyle and fashion bloggers!


Oh Tilly: Tilly offers stylish feminine stock photos. You will get 15 free photos right after you subscribed to her email list and every month.


The Stock Boutique: Alisha takes great photos for female entrepreneurs. After you sign up for the newsletter you get 5 free photos.


Wonderlass: Grab 15 free photos that are girly and easy to layer text over. Also really bright and colorful.


Katie Harp Creative: She also has a lot of beautiful photos for your projects. In her freebie library, she offers 50+ free photos.


She Bold Stock: There are 30 free photos available for you here. Bright and gorgeous female stock photos as well.


Solopreneur Sidekick: No email sign up needed, just download one-by-one which you want, there are 10 free photos.


Helen in Between: Helene will send you 15 free photos if you sign up on her email list.


Dabbles and Babbles: 8 amazing styled stock photos for your blog post or social media.


Inspired Stock: You can get 15 free Inspired Stock Photos when you subscribe to Claire’s email list.


Did you enjoy your free styled photos?

Now you can create beautiful graphics with these pics for your blog post, social media content, and almost everything you might want to.

But please don’t forget to read the licensing guide before the usage. These pictures do not require to attribute the creator, but some have guidelines regarding how you’re allowed to use the photo.

Do you want more?

Tips on how to use your photo

After you downloaded all your styled photos I recommend creating a map on your laptop so you can find all your photos in one place. It is also useful if you categorize it where you will use it for.

1. For your blog

If you want to use it for your blog, you can make blog header or just us it in your blog posts

2. Email

Use it for your email header or just in your email content

3. Social Media

Make a great picture for your social content like with a layer of text or just include it.

4. Digital Products

If you are thinking about creating an ebook or anything else related to digital products you might need a stock photo too. Use it for your landing page as well or sales funnel.

10 more clever ways to use your stock photos

Question time: Which are these mentioned stock photo sites are you a member of or where did you just download the free stock photos?