By now everyone knows Pinterest is the best search engine there is where you can pin your or someone else pin. But did you know as a blogger or business owner you have to keep it up and learn more about Pinterest?

I know sometimes it gets overwhelming when Pinterest makes all the new changes almost every time. And that’s why learning new things from experts it’s a must!

Here in this blog post, I want to make sure you get all the details, education, and resources about what you have to know more about Pinterest.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

This post contains affiliate links and if you purchase via my link I will get a small commission for it at no extra cost to you! Thanks for your support.

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Make sure you first subscribe to my free Pinterest mini-course to learn the basics:


Of course, everyone wants to know some basics before buying an ebook or even a course. I get it I love free things also.

But free is always about basic knowledge you have to know to start. Purchasing your first ebook or enroll in your first course to learn from experts makes you know more which you would not find for free or maybe after searching a lot (time-wasting).

I have written some post to learn from:

Pinterest Guide for Beginners
How to create Pinterest Worthy Templates for your blog
How to get paid for pinning on Pinterest
How to get more Pinterest followers each day
5 Powerful Strategies for Using Pinterest to Generate Traffic
How To Use Pinterest Group Boards For Ultimate Success

Pinterest Primer

This free course is created by McKenzie from MomsMakeCents where you can learn about how to create a perfect Pinterest profile, how to create a viral pin, how to schedule your pin, also myths and mistakes you could make.

Enroll in this free course

5 Days to Better Pins

This is a free challenge made by Kyla where you can learn about how you could design a better pin in 5 days. You also get 2 Canva Templates as a bonus!



You may get a little overwhelmed by all these ebooks or courses you find all over the internet, but trust me I only recommend the only ones I had learned from a lot.

These ebooks and courses are game-changers and you will save your time and money when you learn from those who know everything about Pinterest and how to use it.


Pinterest Ebook from Ana

Did you hear all about how other bloggers use Pinterest to grow their blogs and get more traffic, but you can’t seem to figure out how to do it for your blog? Get a copy of Ana’s Pinterest ebook and learn about the strategies she used to grow her account to 30k+ followers & get thousands of pageviews from Pinterest each month to her blog! It’s time to make Pinterest possible for you too!

Imagine growing your brand new blog, gaining loyal readers, and turning your blog into a business. Because Pinterest can make that possible! 

Imagine not having to worry about your pageviews or blog traffic, because Pinterest has that covered for you (on autopilot). 

Imagine making enough money from your blog to quit your job or afford that nice vacation you always wanted. Pinterest is the key!

And now, imagine being confident enough in your Pinterest strategy and knowing what you’re doing to make all that happen for yourself! Because this ebook can show you how.

Pinterest accounts for over 70% of Ana’s monthly traffic and besides the obvious benefits of growing her blog and brand, Pinterest also helped her make over $6,500 in affiliate sales (in her first year of blogging alone!) and sell over $11,512 worth of digital products in 2018 (income that she has now more than tripled). 

But beware! This is not your typical Pinterest ebook. The strategies and tactics included going well beyond getting started. If you’ve seen good results with your Pinterest account, but you know that there’s so much more possible for you, grab your copy today and get access to Ana’s advanced strategies!

Make sure you use the discount code: “EBB5OFF to get $5 off

Get Pinterest Possible Ebook

Pinterest Ninja

Megan spent nearly $500 on Pinterest courses and did hours and hours (and hours) of research to figure out every single aspect of Pinterest. She doesn’t want you to have to do the same!

Pinterest is a massive traffic powerhouse and will be one of the most essential tools you will ever use. Seriously. If you think you have Pinterest figured out, think again! 90% of bloggers are using Pinterest incorrectly! And I was one of them!

And now, Pinterest sends her over 100,000 page views A MONTH!  

Every single step in this course has taken Megan from earning less than $100 a month with her blog, to over $10,000 a month with her blog, in just over a year. And that is via affiliate marketing, not course sales or coaching. It will take WORK, but she will guide you every step of the way!


If you are not really into reading you can choose to enroll in the course version but she has also created some great bundles you can use.

Get Paid to Pin

Want to make money only by pinning on Pinterest? This ebook will be a game-changer for you too. I have read this and after I used the strategies Dale has written down I had made sales through Pinterest, not only from my blog but also recommended resources only pinned on Pinterest.


Manual Pinning Simplified

Don’t like to use Tailwind because you don’t see any result when it gets to Pinterest views and it doesn’t help you? Then you probably have to try out the manual pinning strategy. Kyla has written a great ebook about how you can use this strategy and get success with your smartphone if you have some time to pin it from the app.



Pinterest Popular

Want to learn how to get more traffic, more subscribers, and more sales with Pinterest without spending your money? Then Pinterest Popular was made for you!

This course is for those who already have some knowledge about Pinterest. But for beginners is also recommended.

join #PinPopular, and you’ll get…

  • 10+ Hours of Click-by-Click Pinterest training on all things Pinterest from setting up your profile and designing pins, to using Pinterest SEO and the number one Pinterest scheduler Tailwind. Absolutely nothing is left out!
  • The Ultimate Pinterest Spreadsheet to keep you and your pins organized. No more wondering what pins you designed for what post or where and when you pinned which pin. Plus, you’ll use your tracker for your hashtags, keywords, scheduling pins, and more.
  • Course Notes and Worksheets for each and every lesson, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes and can focus on implementing what you’ve learned instead. Simply download PDFs and print or save paper by typing right into them.
  • All your questions answered live by me, your Pinterest coach. Join me on LIVE Q&A calls to workshop your Pinterest problems or submit your questions in advance to get them answered. No more wondering and worrying on your own why something isn’t working.
  • Extra BONUSES including $30 Tailwind Credit (for new sign-ups) and extra Tailwind tutorials videos created by Tailwind. You’ll learn how to use Tailwind to schedule your pins, maximize pin reach with Tailwind Tribes, the best way to Smart Loop, and understand analytics.


I have also a great offer for you from Nadalie because she decided to give her course to you at 50% off until December 2nd so you have plenty of time to decide but I don’t think you should wait till then. Because is way worth learning from her. You also receive a free 20 Pinterest Pin Template (value $100)

Next Level Pin Design

Also from Nadalie but whey different than the other because here you can learn how to design your Pinterest Pin templates.

If you ever thought that you need a professional designer to create your click-worthy pins, then you are wrong.

This is one of the courses to learn how to create easily your templates with Canva.

One plus bonus tip in my opinion if you enroll and learn how to design beautiful templates, you might also make money from it and earn some plus income, because you can design for others on Fiverr as a freelancer you can also sell them on your blog and/or Etsy, Creative Market, or which I love to search for blogging related products is Lady Boss Biz Boutique.

Of course, sometimes you don’t have the time to create your templates, because you want to focus more on content creating or other tasks I get it, that why these ladies have made your work easier:

Feminine Pin Template Bundle and Pin Template Pack from Kyla (I have made some of my pins with the Pin Template Pack and it is a must-have!)
Pin Template Starter Kit from Nadalie
Social Media Canva Templates from Bluchic (It’s a great bundle which I purchased for my blog, it’s includes everything you can make to create templates for social media accounts and Pinterest, as well for the content upgrade)
3 design bundle includes 36 pin templates from Cassie
16 Customizable Pinterest Templates In Canva and 15 Feminine Pinterest Templates from MylifesManual

Paid by Pinterest

I’m really glad and thankful I purchased this course from Elise, she has what it takes to get to know more about how you could earn money on Pinterest. She makes everything clear and simple to make you learn everything you have to know.

You also get video walkthroughs and also she has written guides. Bonuses include 4 Canva templates, an ebook about how to earn 10k 12 months and 1000+ group boards resource you can join to.


Pin to Profits

Pin to Profits was created by McKenzie is one of the experts who know everything about how to get Pinterest working for you. That’s why she made an all-in-one course to let you know about how Pinterest works as getting you traffic, sales, subscribers, make money as an affiliate.

While she offers a great bundle of 5 courses in one, she also lets you learn separate if you want. But I think if you could have everything in one then why by them one-by-one.

So the course is all about how to set up your Pinterest profile properly, how to use Tailwind for more traffic, more into earning money with affiliate marketing, she also helps with building your list with the use of Pinterest, you could learn about how to promote your pin with paid advertising.

And with all these you also get bonuses you won’t regret.

This course is for you if…

  • You are a beginner blogger that wants the “fast pass” to Pinterest.
  • You are committed to growing your blog and turning it into a money-making business
  • You are ready to put in the work to dig into Pinterest and learn it inside and out
  • You’ve been blogging for a while (you may even consider yourself an intermediate pinner!). This course goes deep into advanced strategies (Pinterest SEO, Pinterest Affiliate Marketing, Pin Funnels, Promoted Pins, etc.) that you won’t find in your typical Pinterest course.

This course is not for you if…

  • You are looking for a magic secret to success, that requires no effort on your part (spoiler alert-success takes work!)
  • You are a hobby blogger that does not intend to monetize their site


Are you still thinking you don’t want this whole bundle? That’s ok you can also enroll some of her courses separately.

Pin to Profits – FoundationThis is everything about how you make your profile and enable rich pins, traffic strategies, and also how to create a viral pin.
Pin to Profits – Affiliate MarketingI don’t think I have to explain this course because the name says it all. You could learn everything about how you can make sales directly on Pinterest. This step-by-step course will walk you through the process of increasing your clicks and commissions via affiliate marketing right on Pinterest.
Pin to Profits – List BuildingOne of my favorites, because I still struggle with getting people on my list and learning about it from experts makes me more educated. This course will show you how to create irresistible opt-ins, set up high converting landing pages, and turn your readers into customers.
Pin to Profits – Promoted PinsSometimes free traffic isn’t enough, you have to pay for advertising so this course will walk you through the process set up your promoted pin, and create an ad.

Pin Magic Bootcamp

Also, a product from Kyla, who has made a Bootcamp where you will learn about Pinterest’s in’s and out’s 4 weeks.

Inside this program, you’ll learn what’s working on Pinterest (right now) as she teaches you how to streamline your Pinterest workflow. Just imagine… you can start crushing it on Pinterest in just 10 minutes a day or an hour a week.

She shows you how to create a repeatable system you can use to save time while you watch your business grow with Pinterest!


Pinterest Marketing Course from Chelsea

Chelsea is also a real expert when it comes to blogging and business so she also knows everything about Pinterest, that’s why she created her own Pinterest related course for you.

A constantly-updated Pinterest course that grows with you and all of Pinterest’s ever-changing rules and algorithm updates.



Now, these were my recommended resources to learn from as a blogger or business owner, I know there are a lot more out there, but I think that these suggested ebooks and courses will lead you to success on Pinterest and have the traffic, sales, and subscribers you always needed.