A couple of days ago I shared which tools I use to improve and grow my blog, now I want to show which ebooks and courses helped me to able to earn income from my blog.

This post contains affiliate links and if you use my link to purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Thank you for your support!

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But before I introduce you to the ebooks and courses I want to know if you already started your blog? If not I recommend reading all about it and start it right away.

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And now heading to the main topic of this blog post the ebooks and courses which helped me to turn my blog into a money machine.


Boosting Your Blog Traffic

Are you a new blogger or are you blogging for a while but don’t have enough traffic to your blog? I’ve got you I was in the same shoes as you until I found out that Ana from The She Approach blog has made a simple but very helpful ebook.

You can read about the strategies you have to take to boost your traffic. She explains everything about SEO, how you can use Google Analytics or how to use social media for more readers to your blog and much more.

Making Pinterest Possible

Pinterest ebook from AnaAt the same time, I also needed some help with my Pinterest. I didn’t know exactly how to improve my profile for getting more followers and monthly views. But since I started with this Pinterest ebook I gained more followers and also received more views.

Of course, Tailwind is another help to get more views and repins, but reading about how to set up my profile properly was also a good choice. Ana explains everything you have to know about Pinterest and how you can set up.

Manual Pinning Simplified

While I love to use Tailwind which helps me schedule my pins while I’m busy (raising 3 kids and manage my blogging business) sometimes I have some me-time to manage my Pinterest as well.

And it means I grab my smartphone and pin some pins from others and my pins as well. But I had to read Kyla’s book to know more about this manual pinning system to understand it better and to able to reach even more on Pinterest. You can learn everything about it in this useful ebook which I recommend if you want to know more about manual pinning.

Get Paid To Pin

I know what you are thinking “This woman is really into Pinterest” and I admit I’m obsessed with it. But trust me when I say you have to learn everything about it cause Pinterest could not only boost your blog traffic but also make you money.

And if you grab this ebook about getting paid while you use Pinterest you won’t regret you did. I was impressed by the technic how Dale explains how she is able to make income only by using the platform. If you are interested as well make sure you put this on your list of readings.

Road Map To a Profitable SideHustle

If you want to stay at home and work from home there are so many opportunities (not only blogging). And this ebook will lead you and teach you about the best side hustle you can earn money from right away. This complete roadmap will be your number one source to know more about online business, how to grow it and to be able to receive payments monthly.

I was so lucky I was selected to read the first copy of this book and made me proud to have this with me, now I understand more what other side hustles there are and could earn more money as a working home mom. I like books where I can learn new things I never know before and this was it.

These were I have already read but I have also a wish list of the ebooks I want to read and maybe you are interested in too!

Ebook Wishlist

  1. Stray Curls Blogging Bundle
  2. Stray Curls Creative Bundle
  3. Amazon Affiliate Affluence
  4. VA Ninja
  5. eBook Ninja
  6. Explosive Traffic With Tribes
  7. 7 EBook Bundle from PotPieGirl
  8. Mom to Momtrepreneur: Guide to Conquering Your First 30-Days Blogging During Nap Time

Now I’m going to courses and the wish list I want to enroll in!


Paid by Pinterest

Oh, how I love Elise’s courses but again I had to take the course about Pinterest. She tells everything clear and understandable about how you can make affiliate sales on Pinterest. And yes, it is possible! But not only that she explains how you can have more traffic and grow your email list only using Pinterest.

So if you more into visual learning than in reading I recommend to first take this course and you will understand everything how Pinterest works well.

Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp

Did you always dream of having your own eBook everyone wants to buy and read? Now I was that same person and that’s why I’m happy I was able to take Ana’s course where she explains everything about how to start and become a bestseller author.

I was really inspired by her and learned a lot and now I can say that I’m also a self-publishing author who is made some income from publishing books on Amazon!

So if you want to start your own journey to become self-publishing and bestselling author this is the number 1 course you have to enroll in and learn.

Now, because I’m a bookworm and love to read I was not able to take many courses at the moment but definitely want to in the future cause there are so many of them where I can learn more from.

So here are the ones I want to take:

Ecourse Wishlist

  1. The Brazen Boss Babe Bundle

  2. Be Your Own Blog Boss
  3. Social Media Marketing Course
  4. Blog Flipping Course

Of course, there will be always existing/new ebooks and courses created by others I would like to read or enroll in.

I like to be educated and to increase my knowledge about tips and strategies which improves my blogging business.

Now, it’s your turn, which ebook or course did you read or enroll in lately? Or do you have a wishlist also?