First, if you still haven’t set up your blog please read this.

If you want to boost your traffic to your blog it could be a painful experience.

You’ve got a wonderful blog set up and ready to serve your audience with your helpful posts but no one seems to find their way to your blog.

I’ve been there too.

A blog with zero views and a social media account with zero followers.

Don’t panic you can get the page views and followers you want by implementing a few important traffic strategies in your business.

One of my favorite strategies to get free traffic to your site and to grow your following on Pinterest is using Tailwind.

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Don't know anything about Tailwind yet? You should cause it's the best tool for traffic to your blog

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram approved smart scheduler.

Designed to help you schedule and pin your pins on Pinterest and your posts on Instagram.

You don’t have to pin manually several times a day every day anymore onto Pinterest.

Just set up the schedule at the beginning of each month which only takes 1-2 hours and your best-performing pins will be pinned to your best performing boards at suggested times.

Needless to say that it saves you tons of time and energy.

The time you win to work on other money-making tasks in your business instead of pinning and posting onto your social media accounts.

I like to view Tailwind somewhat like my virtual assistant when it comes to Pinterest. And I also love to use it for my Instagram account especially the Smart Bio function.

It’s a little helper tool with a great impact on my time management and work-life balance.


As already mentioned tailwind is going to save you tons of time.

It not only saves you time but is also helping you to know which pins to pin, to which boards, and at which times.

Tailwind communicates with Pinterest and gets all your data regarding your pins and boards directly from Pinterest.

In Tailwind analytics you can see:

  • your best and worst-performing pins
  • your highest and lowest performing boards
  • and the most suitable times to pin for a greater impact on Pinterest

These little hacks alone will help you massively increase your success on Pinterest.

No more groping in the dark and hoping a pin to go viral.

With tailwind, you can literally push your best-performing pins by pinning them onto high performing boards at suggested times and increase the chance for them to go viral.

It’s not a guarantee of course for virality.

It needs more for a pin to go viral, however, it’s a boost you can give them to increase the chance for sure.

Want to know more about how you can make Pinterest Worthy Templates so they going viral? Read this!


Tailwind is a paid scheduler. But of course, you can try it out free until you reach 100 pins.

It has different options you can use to sign up for tailwind.

The basic option is the tailwind plus plan.

This cost you $15/month or $9,99/month if you decide to purchase the annual plan.

I went directly for the annual plan and believe that it was a good investment in my business.

Try Tailwind for free here!

Although this is post all about how to use Tailwind for Pinterest I recommend using it for Instagram too if you want to drive traffic from there also. So make sure you learn everything about it here!

After signing up for Tailwind you’ll have access to your dashboard.

There you’ll see :

  • weekly summary = number of repins and followers you gained during the week
  • tribes = similar to Pinterest group boards, but with a lower barrier to entry. Unlike group boards in tribes, new blogs with no or little followers are welcome. More detailed information on tailwind tribes here.
  • publisher = your schedule where you’ll see all your scheduled pins and drafts for Pinterest and Instagram. + you get suggested times for best times to pin and a feature called smart loop.
  • insights = here you have all your analytics where you’ll see how your profile, pins, and boards perform.


Once you’ve installed the extension you can start scheduling your pins with Tailwind.

To do so go to your blog pick a post you want to schedule and click on the blue tailwind icon called schedule.


After clicking the schedule icon a window will pop up where you can assign the pin to the board you want to pin it to.

You then either set a specific time you want the pin to be pinned on your board or add it to your queue.


The queue is the smart schedule from Tailwind.

So let’s say you add the pin to your queue as I did in this example.

You can go to your smart schedule and see the pin in your queue.

Learn how to use tailwind to drive traffic to your blog! The ultimate beginners guide to tailwind via #tailwind #pinteresttips #bloggingtips #lillaliptak

Besides pinning from your posts you can also pin directly from Pinterest other people’s pins with the same procedure.

Once you’ve filled up your queue with the pins you want to add to your Pinterest account you’re done.

Tailwind will pin those pins to your account for you.


The smart loop feature I personally tried out once but don’t use it anymore.

However, I know many bloggers and online business owners do.

You can try it out and see if it’s a good fit for you.

With the smart loop, you can basically tell tailwind which pins you like to have on what boards and tailwind select the pins, sets the schedule, and pins them for you over and over again.

Tailwind will let these pins circulate for you for as long as you want to.

All you have to do here is to tell tailwind which boards and which pins you want to have in the loop.

With the basic plus plan you can have up to 250 pins in the loop after that you need to upgrade.

Did you know that there is also a SmartGuide on Tailwind? Find out more here!


For your board performance, you go to insights and click on board performance.

Learn how to use tailwind to drive traffic to your blog! The ultimate beginners guide to tailwind via #tailwind #pinteresttips #bloggingtips #lillaliptak

Here you see all your boards (personal and group boards)

You can sort them by virality score repins/pin to see your best performing boards at the top.

Learn how to use tailwind to drive traffic to your blog! The ultimate beginners guide to tailwind via #tailwind #pinteresttips #bloggingtips #lillaliptak

Tailwind analytics will help you identify which boards you should pin to more often and which boards especially group boards it’s worth leaving.

The performance of a group board has a huge effect on your pins.

Let’s say you have an awesome pin and pin it to a crappy group board (with 0.01 engagement rate) and no one repins it because the board is basically a dump for spammy pins guess who’s pin is going to suffer?


Pinterest will associate your pin with the low-quality group board and no repins and will show your pin to fewer people.

In my opinion, tailwind analytics has a crucial effect on one’s success on Pinterest.

Besides low performing boards, you can also detect low performing pins.

To check the performance of your pins you go to insights and click on pin inspector.

Learn how to use tailwind to drive traffic to your blog! The ultimate beginners guide to tailwind via #tailwind #pinteresttips #bloggingtips #lillaliptak

Here as well you can sort your pins according to different terms.

I like to sort them per repins. To see which ones are doing best.

Learn how to use tailwind to drive traffic to your blog! The ultimate beginners guide to tailwind via #tailwind #pinteresttips #bloggingtips #lillaliptak

The first is doing really well with over 5k repins on Pinterest.

Here you can directly reschedule this pin and add it to your queue, smart loop or to your tailwind tribes.


Tailwind tribes are one of my favorite features of Tailwind.

As touched on it earlier tailwind tribes are similar to Pinterest group boards.

You can join a tribe of your choice by going to tribes, find a tribe, and then enter your keyword into the search bar.

Learn how to use tailwind to drive traffic to your blog! The ultimate beginners guide to tailwind via #tailwind #pinteresttips #bloggingtips #lillaliptak

Once you’ve entered your keyword you’ll see a bunch of tribes with your keyword on your screen.

You can preview the tribes and join the ones you like.

With the free and the pro membership, you can join up to 10 tribes and submit 80 pins per month in total to those tribes.

Before you click to join you can also see how many members each tribe has and how active the tribe is.

I personally prefer active tribes with a lot of fresh content.

Learn how to use tailwind to drive traffic to your blog! The ultimate beginners guide to tailwind via #tailwind #pinteresttips #bloggingtips #lillaliptak

In this example, it says now “add power up to join” because I’m already in 5 other tribes but otherwise it would say “ask to join”.

Once you are in a tribe you’ll see the tribe rules.

Make sure you follow those rules otherwise you will be removed by the tribe owner.

Now you can start to upload your pins from your website to the tribe.

Instead of a group board, this time you’d select “add to the tribes” and the tribe you want your pin to go to.

Pinning from tribes works the same way with Tailwind as pinning from your website or from Pinterest.

You click on the tailwind schedule button, tell Tailwind to which of your Pinterest boards the pin should go, and either set manually a time or add it to your queue.

Pro tip: Make sure to check out where the pin is leading to and if the blog is good.

Sometimes the sites don’t exist anymore and you land on a spammy or on a 404 site.

This gives a bad user experience and is therefore punished by Pinterest.

Pinterest will show your pins to fewer people if you have a lot of pins leading to a spammy or to a 404 site.

Tailwind tribes have been a real gamechanger for my Pinterest account!


Sign up for your free Tailwind trial here!

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