Instagram is always a mystery how you can use it the right way. And my opinion is that you don’t have to focus on Instagram all the time (maybe only if you are working with brands).

Instagram is a great extension of your blog, but remember that it isn’t your blog. Just find the balance.

But guess what? There is a way to focus on Instagram and let it be used to grow your blog and not just your feed!

This post contains affiliate links and if you use it I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Thank you for your support!

I use to love it now I ditch Linktree

Many bloggers, myself included, always struggling with getting traffic to our blogs from Instagram. For those who don’t have the “swipe up” feature for Instagram Stories, which is only available to those with over 10,000 followers, the struggle is super real.

The other problem all of us bloggers has with Instagram is the fact that we can’t link to blog posts in our Instagram captions. They don’t link. This leaves us with only one option to include a link anywhere is our Instagram bios.

But I came across Linktree and I founded a great solution. Linktree is a site where you can put your links on one page and you could brand for money. Everyone uses it and it still is a number 1 solution for handling the Insta struggle.

I loved Linktree for months until I realized I didn’t get any traffic to my blog so it wasn’t helping me grow. It was time to say goodbye and ditch Linktree forever.

Linktree was taking away traffic from my blog. The initial click or two to my Linktree page was page views that my blog should have been getting. I decided to ditch Linktree for a much better solution to the one-link Instagram issue. I decided to make my own version of Linktree. I decided to make a brand new page on my blog just for links I’d be promoting on Instagram.

While Linktree is a pretty quick and easy “solution” to get all of your links out, you’re actually losing potential page views by using Linktree. By making your own version directly on your blog, you’ll be getting all of the pageviews that Instagram is actually bringing to your site. Even if one of your links on your page is going somewhere else, at least you’re getting the proper traffic beforehand.

How to make your own Instagram link page

Now here comes the fun, you have to work with it but it only requires 10-15 (or less it depends on your speed) minutes of your time.

1. Make a new page on your blog – First, you have to create a new page and give a name like Instagram links or Insta Links like I did.

I created my page with Elementor a drag-and-drop builder so you could make it nice and clean and add everything in the right order.

Important: If you will use affiliate links “button”, you have to include a disclosure. Put a tiny disclosure before your first button so people could see it right away.

Now you can use the tool from TailwindTailwind also!

2. Time to make your buttons – Now there are two options you can make:

  1. You decide to continue with Elementor and make there your buttons
  2. Or you can use CanvaCanva

I chose Canva because you can customize more and stick more to your brand. Make your own color and use your fonts.

Put your own custom dimension, but I recommend doing the full width of your page. In my case, I used 800 x 100 for mine.

I have chosen 2 colors which I use for my branding, the darker for the most important one and lighter for blog posts.

3. Put everything together – Now if you finished with customizing your buttons you can start uploading them on your Media Library.

Just put the images underneath each other, insert your links so you can make your images clickable. And don’t forget when you linking them click on the “open in new window” section so your audience doesn’t have to go back to your Instagram profile each and every time they want to see other content.

So if you are happy with the result, hit that publish button.

4. Make your link visible – After you published your page, drop your link in your Instagram bio. And be sure to promote it as a photo and/or Instagram stories.

If you’ve been using Linktree like I was, you’re losing traffic to your blog! Make the switch to your very own Instagram Links page! It may take 20 minutes to make but it’s way worth the extra traffic you’ll be bringing to your blog!

Question time: Are you still using Linktree? Or do you have your own Insta page?