You began your blogging journey awhile and keep those traffic coming to your blog and have loyal email subscribers who read your emails regularly.

That’s good news because now you can focus more on creating something you can sell to your audience!

That’s why this post is all about how and what to create and where to sell your digital products so you can make passive income at home.

This post contains affiliate links and if you purchase via my link I get a small commission but at no extra cost to you!

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Selling your digital products is the next step to make your blogging business profitable and earn passive income.

This is the best and easiest way after affiliate marketing because these are the profitable two ways you can make money while sleep.

Why Should You Create And Sell Digital Products?

There are so many reasons why you should start selling your digital products, but I will only name a few important examples:


  • None of the hassle of packing/storing/shipping physical products
  • Passive income (create it once and then sell infinite copies)
  • No start-up costs or risks (you can create your digital product for free and the only thing you lose is the time taken to create it)
  • Can easily create products for any niche or interest

This is a great opportunity for bloggers and online business owners!

7 Places Where You Can Sell Your Digital Products

There are many e-commerce platforms where you can upload your digital products.

These are the 6 most used one:


SendOwl – All you have to do is upload the file of your digital products and you can start selling it. You can also create a membership site. You can try out for free for 30 days.


Podia – All in one digital product platform everything that your online business needs. Try it out free for 14 days.


Teachable – This is mostly used for online courses but you can also upload ebooks and printables as well.


Gumroad – Gumroad bridges the gap between a product and the customer. It’s one of the most popular digital selling platforms thanks to its simplicity, a record of security, and ease of use. Upload your albums, books, games, films, online courses, and more to the Gumroad servers; set a price and let everything unfold naturally. The embeddable Gumroad widget makes it incredibly easy to integrate Gumroad into your own website, giving you peace of mind over the way you sell and promote your digital products.

Selz – Selz is a beautiful and elegant digital good selling a platform that will integrate well with any website design choice. With Selz, you can add a beautiful store and “Buy” buttons to your existing site and social profiles, manage your customers, orders, and process payments – all in one simple place.


SellfySellfy provides simple and extremely easy solutions to sell digital products on your own website. In addition to the eCommerce platform, it offers smart and agile tools to enhance sales and promote products via social media. The platform is home to more than 60,000+ unique and creative artists who have been selling products and making money all this time you have not! Amongst the most popular items sold through Sellfy, you will find eBooks and comic books, video, and music content, though the most popular one is design items that can be found in a range of 150,000+ unique items for sale.

Teachery – Best to create your online course.

Now while these are all good for starting your digital product business, I recommend Podia and SendOwl because they are all-in-one kind of platforms and is better for bloggers.

What Digital Products To Sell?

And now about what are the best digital products to create and sell. These are the most favorite to get sales throughout the year. Most of these ideas can be applied to bloggers or business owners of any niche. I have also included real-life digital product examples for each type of product.

1. Ebooks

Ebooks are one of the absolute best digital products to sell online. If you’re a blogger or business owner in any niche, you can write an ebook. The ebooks that sell best are usually written in the form of a how-to guide and provide valuable information to your readers.

One example of an ebook is called The Complete Roadmap to Building a Profitable Side Hustle from Angela at Stray Curls. It’s only about 270+ pages long, and it’s packed with helpful and valuable information.

If you are just getting into selling digital products, an ebook is the best choice to make for your first product. They’re easy to make and sell extremely well.

Bestseller ebook

To learn how to create and sell your own profitable ebook, you can enroll in Ana’s course Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp for only $147 but you as my reader can enroll for less with this discount code EBB20OFF!

Other additional resources to get better at your ebook creation and sales:

  1. How to Write Your First Ebook & Sell It On Pinterest
  3. eBook Launch Template
  4. Free Canva eBook design

2. Online Course

Another great knowledge-based digital product to sell is online courses.

Many people believe that the only way to create a successful online course is to make it about something related to blogging, marketing, or making money online. There are plenty of them, but you can teach people in any niche!

You can sell an online course on just about any topic as long as you are providing value and teaching something useful to your audience.

Your online course can include written lessons, pre-recorded video lessons, worksheets, or a combination of all three.

To begin you definitely have to have a Course Creator’s Toolkit to start the right way.

If you use Elementor the best drag-and-drop builder for WordPress you can use Online Course Launch Template from Bluchic.

3. Stock Photos

Are you good at taking photos? Stock photos could be a digital product for you! All you need is a nice camera and a decent photo editing software.

There’s a huge market right now for styled stock photography. Everyone from bloggers to business owners to social media managers are looking for the perfect photos to post on social media or use on their blog.

You can sell your photos individually or in bundles, or create a subscription-based website for your customers. An example of this is IvoryMix which offers a monthly membership for access to pretty, feminine stock photos, and also if you get the chance to VIP Membership you can even more!

Choosing a specific niche can help you get your stock photo business out there.

4. Printables

Printables are a really fun digital product to sell! Basically, they are digital files you create for your customer to print out and use. Here are just a few ideas of printables you can make and sell:

  • Workbooks
  • Planners
  • Journals

You can use software such as Canva or PicMonkey to design your printables.

5. Templates

You can create and sell templates for a variety of uses: media kits, logos, and social media posts.

bluchic social media template

A great example of templates is these Canva Social Media Templates from Bluchic.

They are designed to be used with the graphic design program Canva, but you could use other programs too.

The most wanted template is Pinterest pins, people want new pins for their blog post because this is one of the success to get seen and stand out on Pinterest. The best example is like I did to create a membership (this is at the waiting list status) and create new templates every month to provide it to your members.

6. WordPress Themes

If you are good at coding, consider selling WordPress themes! Most premium WordPress themes sell for $50 to $100 each. For the best luck, you can design themes for a specific audience: for example, fashion bloggers or female entrepreneurs.

Check out Bluchic for some inspiration. They specifically target female bloggers and entrepreneurs who want their website to have a feminine, chic look.

One thing to keep in mind with WordPress themes is that you may have to make updates to your themes or provide troubleshooting for your customers and you can also offer installation. This can mean some extra work compared to selling other types of digital products.


7. Graphic Design Elements

Are you creative and do you enjoy working with programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator? If so, selling graphic design elements might be the digital product gig for you. Graphic design elements can be anything you create including fonts, textures, brushes, illustrations, icons, and more.

Tanya Kart sells graphic design elements. These elements can be used by bloggers or graphic designers for creating a blog or social media graphics.

8. Membership Sites

Out of all the digital products to sell on this list, membership sites might require the most time and energy, but there’s a great potential for earning.

What exactly is a membership site? It’s a private area of a website or forum where members pay a monthly fee in order to have access. You can start a membership site for any niche: fitness, parenting, business, etc.

The reason this is the most intensive option on this list is that you will be responsible for building a community and producing new content at least monthly for your members. However, there’s a great opportunity to profit because you can earn a recurring revenue versus a one-off payment.

You can even create a paid Facebook group if you don’t want to deal with the technical aspect of setting up a membership site. Just remember that the key to a successful membership group is providing valuable content or training that can’t be found for free anywhere else!

Here is where you can build your membership site:

  1. MemberPress – This is a membership plugin for WordPress (Use the code Welcome at checkout)
  2. MemberVault – You can use it for free until you reach 100 people, you can motivate your subscribers with points they can earn.

After Creating Your Digital Product

Once you finished creating your digital product, its time to find your e-commerce platform what’s best for you. Pick one of the following mentioned above.

And after you have your platform start to explore it, learn how to customize and use it then comes the uploading part. What about pricing your offer? Did you know that with a $7 offer and two emails you could literally earn more? But of course, it is your decision and you know better what value your products are.

Your next task is creating your sales funnel and landing page. I know that these two could be harder to manage if you are that good at writing your own sales page. But with learning the sales strategies you could make that too!

Also building your own landing page is easy with the templates from Bluchic and the use of Elementor! If Elementor plugin is not your thing you can always build your landing page where your email list is, MailerLite and ConvertKit have their own landing page builders or you can go and have a professional one at LeadPages.

If you nailed these tasks your final work is to promote your product, the best you can do and any blogger is doing using the power of Pinterest. And also if you have an email list (which is crucial) you could benefit from it.

It is important to improve your email marketing strategies because most of the time your subscribers will be your best costumers after all.

Besides these two you could also use Facebook, Instagram, and also Twitter to promote your products but never forget that you have to work on your blog traffic because your sales page will be viewed there.

It is also important to have an SEO strategy! SEO made easy! Audit your site, discover backlink opportunities and ways to grow. Click Here!

Final Thoughts

I personally recommend starting with an ebook as your first product this is the easiest way to start after that if you feel like you have to teach your audience through online courses do so.

Once you have created your first digital product, pick one of the mentioned platforms above, and start selling. My recommendation is SendOwl while it is easy to use one but it is really up to you!

Now I hope now you know what to create and where to do it. If you want to know more here are 62 more ways to make sales today so make it happen!

Happy creating and selling!