A study conducted by NN/g states that users are likely to read 20 percent of the text on a single page. This can be linked to user habits regarding the consumption of online content on a blog. Your blog could belong to almost any niche, whatsoever and it is not likely that visitors would visit each page and open every function out there which you have posted.

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Why build a better blog?

This is why marketers, brands with mega storage website, and content creators lay great emphasis on the kind of content which can be remarkably useful to your target audience. Apart from content, one of the most fundamental things that remain in your channel, and in this case, your channel is your website. Some of the remarkably successful content creators and online businesses have built world-class websites with engaging interfaces, visually appealing themes, and functions. At the same time, their sites are ridiculously organized and straightforward.

So, it is highly significant for every online platform to optimize their websites with a number of tools and resources which directly impacts the quality of it.

What to do to build a better blog?

WordPress: A better blog can be made on a platform like WordPress. The latter has a number of plugins, themes, and supported tools that are beneficial for building a remarkable website. HTML website maintenance cost is also very high. Content creators, influencers, and brands tend to use the portal of WordPress or turn from HTML to WordPress to make their websites. You will have to sign up on WordPress, choose a domain, and set it up.

Reliable hosting: Prevent your sites from glitches, bugs, and shutdowns. Nowadays, websites tend to be under attack from external threats and experience routine shutdowns. In such cases, the problem lies in the poor choice of a hosting provider. Every site needs a reliable hosting provider to host on a server. A good recommendation would be to work with a reputable platform, such as The WP Help. They offer 24/7 website hosting, maintenance, and security services. Trusted by a large number of brands and creators, The WP Help provides services that are integral to your better website goals.

Engaging themes: A good blog needs to be visually creative and appealing. An audience would not enjoy spending time over a platform that does not seem attractive. You can create different styles of themes based on your liking. It could be aesthetic, creative, minimalistic, or a simple interface.

I use Maggie theme from Bluchic which I can easily customize with Elementor.

Mission statement: A visitor should understand and learn what you are trying to sell or create. A mission statement goes a long way in giving information about your brand. It allows users to understand your purpose and build trust.


SEO: Search engine optimization is an essential part of your website. Effective use of keywords is remarkably beneficial to your website’s ranking. You will need to utilize the right set of keywords and use them effectively to allow algorithms.   

Website navigation: A functional blog needs to have a good readability score, differentiate blog heads incorporated with simple navigation to let the user find their way through options; it should be user-friendly and have a top-notch interface. If users find complicated options and a complex interface, they are not likely to revisit the site.

Call-to-Action: CTAs are critical parts of a blog. A persuasive writing copy convincing users to contact the blog and proceed with further options are necessary. It can be a pop-up, simple slides or a complete section.

Testimonials: Users build trust by reading positive reviews by others on a blog. If you have engaged with your audience and customers in the past, ask them to write a positive review and rate your services/products. You can display their remarks on your blog for visitors to see.

Mobile-friendly interface: A site should always be mobile-friendly, incorporated with various elements of a mobile supported interface because a large chunk of your audience would browse the site using their smartphone devices.

Sign up forms: Subscription to a newsletter or email sign up is a significant objective for every blog. There are multiple benefits of having an email list, and it can only be done if visitors are convinced. Plus, they need to put their trust in you as well.

I use Mailerlite for all of my blogs and I’m happy I choose them. The best thing about them is that you can easily create your own template for your newsletters and you could create also from premade templates. You can try Mailerlite free forever, but if you don’t want to have limits on the monthly emails you send out and you have grown by 1000 subscribers, the monthly fee is cheap enough to start with which is for $10/month.


It’s never too late…

If you believe your blog lacks the above-mentioned features and is far-off from an engaging platform, then you need to start working on elements that are missing from it. Start by shifting to a reliable and reputable hosting provider, then work your way little-by-little towards integrating a visually appealing theme and interface. Make it user-friendly and simple to use.

The content you host on your platform is also primary, yet how it is being put out there on its channels holds great importance. So, start building a better blog because it is never too late to make fixes.