Imagine the following you search for a recipe and you finally find it after you click on the link to see the website or blog and ads are popping right in your face.

It’s ok of that would be only one, but some people fall into the mistake that they add more than 3 ads all over the post or page.

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Don't fall into this mistakes and avoid to add more than 3 ads around your blog - The Mompreneurship #bloggingtips #blogging #traffic #money

5 reasons why you don’t need so many ads on your blog

  1. It will take so many time your blog will load and slowing down
  2. You will scare your readers away
  3. You will look like a spammer
  4. Your traffic gets down
  5. Your income decrease

Advertising could be a great source of income even if you place an ad from advertising networks or just a banner, but don’t overdo this.

How to use ads the right way

I think that pop-up ads are annoying and people will push the X button anyway. Place 2 ads/posts and 1 on your sidebar that’s will be enough to get attention to your ads.

And if you are using banners from affiliate programs make sure it is relevant to your content and it is not big.

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For example, this banner is from NameCheap where you can have your domain name for only $8.88/year and build your blog.

Now is not small not even large just good to fit my post. And gets the attention who reads this post cause it’s straightforward and not annoying.

Is it possible to make money from ads

Of course, but like I mentioned before you have to stick with minimum 3 ads not more. More will kill your traffic and you can’t make money because your readers want to read the content you made and are not there to see only ads.

There are advertising sites for, and your goal is to build trust. So do it the right way!

But there are other ways to monetize your blog.


But if your ads don’t make you money, either way, go get rid of it and look for something else to monetize your blog.

You could have great content with higher paying affiliate links but no one will get to see it if you have 10 ads which they have to close while your blog load takes another 10 minutes.

I think that with affiliate links in your content is much potential to earn income than with a lot of ads. But don’t get me wrong I’m not against ads, but have to place it tastefully. Think about your bounce rate too don’t let hurting it by a lot of ads you want to show.