I want to share with you a brand new email marketing platform called Flodesk which I reviewed recently and that I believe just changed the game for entrepreneurs and small business owners and also bloggers like myself. Email marketing is a powerful tool to grow your business, and up until now, you thought only Convertkit or Mailerlite was the best email service provider there is.

But I have 7 reasons to switch to Flodesk. So if you interested in this new platform just read along.

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Ever thought about how many times you could have saved if you had a platform where you don’t have to spend a lot of time creating your emails? I know a lot of you are ConvertKit fans cause every blogger is recommending it, I also have tried it but it wasn’t fitting me and that’s why I switched to Mailerlite.

Until now I didn’t know that Flodesk will help me, you and others to create a beautiful email. And what I don’t like on both ConvertKit and Mailerlite (although they have free plans) that when you have more subscribers you have to pay more price. But with Flodesk you will feel like Christmas cause everything you been waiting for is this email marketing platform.

What Is Flodesk?

Flodesk is the new email marking platform on the block. The two ladies behind the brand are Martha and Rebecca, and they are taking email marketing to a new level right now.

Flodesk is what everyone has been waiting for; it brings both practically and versatility to the job of email marketing. The templates look amazing on both mobile and desktop. The platform has all the same bells and whistles but without the clutter. Not only that, but it feels cleaner, less distracting and a lot less scary.

6 Reason Why You Might Want To Leave Your Previous Email Platform

1. The Price – While the features I am about to share with you will be definitely deciding factors (because just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean that it’s better) being able to have UNLIMITED subscribers for $38 a month is unheard of in email marketing world. Want to save even more? Use my link right HERE ( save 50% – giving you unlimited subscribers for $19 a month. I know, I can’t even believe it!! These features, that price….you won’t regret!

2. Segment – Organizing your list is really important cause not everyone on your list is the same. I think that everyone wants to make sure that only sending content your subscriber is asking for is what they get. With Flodesk, every signup form can be assigned to a specific segment- or even more than one!

3. Automation and Workflows. When it comes to REALLY using your email list to grow your business and brand, automation is key. I am talking about welcome emails, delivering free resources (lead magnets), and more. Flodesk has 4 workflow templates or you can create it from scratch.

4. Easy and branded email creation. Let me just tell you right now, you have never seen an email creation process that is so beautiful with so many branded options. From the gorgeous fonts, the color palettes, and layouts, the templates- creating branded emails to grow your business or blog has never been easier or more visually appealing. I also love that you get a beautiful mobile preview as you are creating your email so you can see what both desktop and mobile versions will look like!

5. Unique Features such as embedding your Instagram. This was one of the features that let me know Flodesk is about using modern technology, and I know that they will continue to blow us away with new features. All you do is connect your Instagram in their step by step account set up, and you will be able to add your real-time Instagram feed to any email, and you can click on any image and be taken right to that insta post. Are you as excited about this as me?!? This also makes this an incredible business tool for fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers!

6. Their stats. Flodesk has a very detailed statistic area. You can view details about each of your subscribers such as what emails they opened. This will help you to identify what your subscribers are most interested in and what they tend to take more action on so that you can always make your email marketing better.

Ok, have I convinced you yet? Have you been sitting on the fence of email marketing and just too overwhelmed to start? Maybe you didn’t feel techy enough to figure it out, or maybe being a brand new business or blogger, the investment that platforms like Convertkit were charging just wasn’t something you could commit to. I get that, I really do. I am writing this blog post to help you!

If you are hesitant to move to Flodesk for your small business email marketing just because of the steps it will take to move your list over, I wanted to help you out by sharing the very steps that you can take in order to move your email list from Convertkit or Mailerlite to make it easier!

I want you to see how amazing Flodesk is but feeling stuck because you spent all this time getting your Convertkit or Mailerlite setup already. I want to share with you how easy it is, and I hope it’s helpful! You can follow these next steps. If you are on Mailerlite the steps are the same!


1. Go to the subscriber section of your Convertkit or Mailerlite account and do an entire export for your whole list. This will be emailed to you as a .csv file of all your email subscribers. You can download it to your computer, go to the audience section of Flodesk, and upload your .csv file.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait! I don’t want to lose how my list is organized!” Don’t worry, I will cover that in the next steps.

You might choose to name this your “Newsletter” segment if you send your newsletter update emails to everyone on your list. Flodesk does have a built-in “All Subscriber” segment. Flodesk is encouraging you to have all of your subscribers in some sort of defined segment to keep your list organized. After this step, you will see that Flodesk has auto-populated your “All Subscribers” segment.

2. You can then decide to create the segments that you want ahead of time, OR you can add them as you upload subscribers. Essentially, this is your opportunity to organize your list so that you can quickly choose who you will be sending your emails to. If you don’t have segments outside of just your newsletter, that’s ok!

3. Then I made a list of all the opt-ins and sign up forms that I needed to replace.

4. Next, you can set up your automation.

5. You can create your pop up sign up form, make it beautiful and branded, and then choose which page you want it to appear on. You can also set the time delay, so you get to choose whether or not you want the pop-up to show instantly as they browse your website, or after a few seconds of browsing around.

I love that Flodesk made designing and customizing my sign up forms SO easy.

I hope this post was helpful in sharing about Flodesk. Remember, if you click HERE you can save 50% on your account- giving you UNLIMITED subscribers for just $19 a month!!!


I get that if you are just beginning you want to begin everything for free first but trust me when I say you don’t want to pay each month a higher price if you grow your list to 1000 subscribers or more! So that’s why I recommend paying $19/month then get a higher price later. YES CONVERTKIT NOW HAS FREE PLAN ALSO! But only with their referral program is it possible to unlock free subscribers! And Mailerlite is only free until 1000 subscribers and their features are limited!