If you go to each and every blogger you could see that there are pop-ups or boxes in the sidebar which you can write your name and email to subscribe to their email list.

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Now this action is required when they want to build their list so they can inform you about everything useful.

Nowadays for every blogger, it is important to have an email list, but why is it so actually?

The reason for having an email list

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1. Having Control Over Your Emails

Think about the following, one day for some reason social media will disappear and your hard work to gain followers would be worth for nothing. Now in this case with email is not going to happen cause you don’t have to deal with algorithms and you own it for always.

The only thing when you going to lose subscribers if they decide to unsubscribe until then you could send as many emails as you want (but don’t be spammy).

2. More Personal And Targeted

Email lists are more likely using for building a relationship with your readers, and to show more of yourself than you would on your blog. And is also great to receive stuff from your readers too. You can also interact more than you would anywhere else.

You could set up your emails likely to be targeted. Cause if you make groups you could offer your readers to subscribe to the email list which they want to. For example, you write about beauty and fashion but a small group of your readers only interesting in beauty topic you could send them only emails about beauty tips and they will only subscribe on those emails.

3. Social Media Game Over

Social media is also important to share your posts or something you want to share with your followers, but people more likely use emails each and every day since their phone is always on to check their inbox.

On social media, your updates could scroll away and not seen cause your readers could follow so many people that they do not get the chance to see your content. But with email it is easy cause you send it, they receive a notification about that you send them a new letter.

4. The Best Tool For Sales

If you have a product or service to sell email list will help you to spread the word about it. It’s a great way to send an email about a launch or if you already have something you could send your number 1 fans some discount to give them for their loyalty.

Even if you have nothing that you’re actually selling, bloggers should be providing useful content and finding new and engaging ways to communicate that with their audience. An email list is a perfect way to share exclusive content and give your readers the first chance to see what’s new in your blogging world!

Now, are you ready to build your email list? Here is a checklist which will help you with the basics what you should do first!

Choose Your Email Service Provider

1. Mailerlite

I use Mailerlite for a very long time now, and I really like it. Everything is super simple to build and very easy to use.

Free forever until you reach 1000 subscribers Limited features
12,000 emails/month Can’t schedule your email as a free user anymore
Beautiful interface and easy to use No live chat support only email
Several premade templates you can use Mailerlite logo won’t disappear in Free account
You can create beautiful sign-up forms Can’t use custom domains

While Mailerlite is a good start for beginning if you can’t invest but after you grow you have to upgrade your plan so compare the prices which you find the best and choose right.

2. Convertkit

ConvertKit is another great email service provider that is highly recommended in the blogging industry. And it is easy to see why. A super easy to use interface that allows you multiple choices to treat your subscribers, all for $29 per month.

Pros Cons
Unlimited everything More expensive than Mailerlite
Allows you to create a mini e-course delivered automatically to new subscribers Can’t remove inactive subscribers easily
Amazing templates and landing pages
30 days refund policy
More control of your lists
14 days free trial

ConvertKit is an amazing alternative for an email provider that is fast growing and can make a real difference to your subscribers.


3. Aweber

AWeber is an easy-to-use email marketing tool that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to cultivate relationships with their customers.

Pros Cons
30 days to try it out for free You pay more once you reach 500 subscribers.
Autoresponder available Takes a bit to learn how to customize your templates and browse the website.
No strict restrictions for the content of your emails. You cannot integrate video in the email. 
Great segmentation options.

I hope you got some helpful tips and you understand now why you need an email list.

Question Time: Which provider do you use? And what do love or hate about it?